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lolli attack giving the italian game a boost

Lolli Attack: Giving the Italian Game a Boost

The Lolli Attack adds a little more heat to the Fried Liver Attack. The Lolli Attack poses many defensive challenges to Black. Easy to play with very little theory, the…

a foundation for beginners sixty five

A Foundation for Beginners Sixty Five

Last week, we started playing through a game, applying what we’ve learned thus far regarding chess principles. We will continue that game this week. As I mentioned last week, one…

cochrane gambit adding spice to the petroff

Cochrane Gambit: Adding Spice to the Petroff

The Cochrane Gambit is a sacrifice in the Petroff Defense. White has three main options in the Cochrane Gambit – 5.d4, 5.Nc3, and 5.Bc4+ Back must respect the Cochrane Gambit…

how to win in equal positions for club players

How to Win in Equal Positions: for Club Players

How to Win in Equal Positions: Winning a chess game is not an easy task. The days when you could win a game out of the opening are long gone….

master chess web show 19

Master Chess Web Show (19)

In our latest show, Andrew and I reviewed the first three rounds of the Candidates Tournament in Madrid. Besides the three decisive games, I was impressed by Nakamura’s brilliant save…

rousseau gambit where italian game and kings gambit meet

Rousseau Gambit: Where Italian Game and King’s Gambit Meet

The Rousseau gambit is Black’s attempt to lure his opponent into unfamiliar territory within the Italian Game. White does best not to play into Black’s hands by accepting the gambit….

A Technique That Will Give You +100 Rating (it's not what you think!)

A Technique That Will Give You +100 Rating (it’s not what you think!)

💡 Register to GM Igor Smirnov’s FREE Masterclass “The Best Way to Improve at Chess INSTANTLY” – https://bit.ly/36rXc7u 📥 Download the PGN of this game from this blog-post – https://bit.ly/3bgRqLB In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with…

an introductory guide to chess openings for white black

An Introductory Guide to Chess Openings for White & Black

Quick overview 1.e4 openings, or King’s Pawn Games, are often the starting point for many in their chess careers, with many sticking with these openings forever. They tend to offer…



“Captured pieces can be dropped back on the board instead of moving a piece”Lichess These are the rules of Crazyhouse chess:“All the rules and conventions of standard chess apply, with…