125-game Unbeaten Streak – Hello Everyone, I’m Back! :)

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Jan Krzysztof
Duda vs Magnus Carlsen
Altibox Norway Chess (2020)
Caro-Kann, Tartakower (Nimzovich) variation (B15)

1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Nf6 5. Nxf6 + exf6 6. c3 Bd6 7. Bd3 O-O 8. Qc2 Re8 + 9. Ne2 h5 10. Be3 Nd7 11. OOO b5 12. d5 c5 13. Bxb5 Rb8 14. c4 a6 15. Ba4 Re7 16. Ng3 Ne5 17. Ne4 Reb7 18. b3 Rb4 19. Bd2 Rxa4 20. Bxa4 Bf5 21. Rde1 H4 22. H3 Ng6 23. Re3 Nf4 24. G4 Bg6 25. Kd1 F5 26. Nxd6 Qxd6 27. Gxf5 Bh5 + 28. F3 Qf6 29. Bc3 Qg5 30. Qe4 Qg2 31 . Rhe1 Qxa2 32. Qc2 Qxc4 33. Re8 + Kh7 34. Rxb8 Qxd5 + 35. Qd2 Bxf3 + 36. Kc1 Qxf5 37. Re3 Ne2 + 38. Kb2 Nxc3 39. Qxc3 Qf4 40. Qd3 + F5 41. Rf8 Qb4 + 42. Kc1 Be4 43. Qb3 Qd4 44. Qc3 Qd6 45. Rf7 Qg6 46. Rd7 Qg1 + 47. Kb2 C4 48. Rxe4 fxe4 49; Rd4 Qf2 + 50; Qd2 c3 + 51; Kxc3 Qg3 + 52; Kb2 Qxh3 53. Rxe4 Qg3 54. Qd4 Qg2 + 55. Kc3 Qf3 + 56. Kb4 Qf8 + 57. Ka5 Qf5 + 58. Kxa6 G5 59. A5 H3 60. Re7 + Kg6 61. Qg7 + Kh5 62. Qh7 + Kg4 63. Re4 +

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Gaining Perspective on Life

Do you fight with humbleness and also understanding of your life? Probably all you need is a little viewpoint on exactly how little a presence we actually are.

This Article Is Where The Hard To Do Becomes The Really Easy

Life is as hard as we feel it is, as well as it is a funny thing, however, to quote and reword Dennis The Menace from the old animation strip: “Why do dumb things seem so wise while you are doing them?” Stupid things appear wise, since from an unpleasant glimpse they look simpler than the more intelligent course that does not try to rip off sincerity. Sure, that is a simple, however crammed solution that will certainly be explained in this post:

Letting Go of Not Knowing Who You Are

If you sometimes really feel as if you do not know who you are, it is even if too several people are requiring their own suggestions on you concerning who ought to you be, rather than allowing you be that you already are. It is time to allow go of all of these unreasonable expectations of others and also be the authentic you once again.

Letting Go Of The Idea Of Struggling

Believing that struggling is a needed component of success in any area of our life results exactly in that: BATTLING. When we allow go of the concept of battling being an essential part of life, we will begin experiencing excitement and joy instead of battle.

Virtue and Evil – The Two Qualities Ever At Loggerheads

Times change. Definitions gain newer significances. However merit and evil have a permanent importance in human conduct. Interpretations apart, merit and bad depend on two opposing platforms always. The war between merit as well as wickedness has actually likewise been as old as human advancement itself.

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