14-year old Fischer vs Reshevsky – Queen Trapped in 11 Moves!

📥 Download the PGN of this game – http://bit.ly/3asDb0H

The following video is about one of the greatest chess rivalries – Robert James Fischer vs Samuel Reshevsky – this is a game played by them in the US Championship 1958-59. Once Bobby Fischer made his debut at age 14 in the US Championship with the 1957–58 event, he dominated completely, winning on each of his eight attempts, leaving Reshevsky, the seven-time former champion, back in the chasing pack.

There was little love lost between the two players, separated by a generation in age. Ahead of the Buenos Aires 1960 tournament, Reshevsky reportedly said, “I would settle for 19th place – if Fischer placed 20th.” This is the second US Championship Tournament for Fischer, which is actually the tenth US Championship. It came to an end with a sensation: the 14-year old Bobby Fischer won with 10.5/13 ahead of a strong field.

In this game, Reshevsky played the Sicilian Defense and Fischer played a novelty at move 8, Bb3, keeping the bishop in the b3-f7 diagonal, which then helped him deliver an amazing sacrifice drawing the king out and then trapping the Black’s queen with 11.Ne6.

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