2 Winning Chess Rules to Defeat an International Master (IM)!

📥 Download the PGN of this game – http://bit.ly/2Hj9SRu

Every chess player, when he/she was a beginner or a club level player, would have dreamt of defeating players who are stronger than him/her, especially the titled players. If you don’t have dreams like that yet, well go dream now. 🙂 But it’s not just about dreaming, right? The sheer joy and satisfaction comes only when you actually defeat a strong player or a titled player.

In this video, the RCA Academy Manager, Aggelos Kesaris, will share with you 2 golden rules (he calls it the ‘Russian Rules’) that will help you find strong moves and ultimately defeat strong players. The 2 rules are:

⭐ Rule 1: Put your rooks on the 4th/5th rank – they are more stronger when placed there.
⭐ Rule 2: Win a piece or save your piece than going for a checkmate, because winning a piece gives you a clear winning advantage.

Watch the video as Aggelos explains how he used these 2 key rules to defeat an International Master (IM) in a tournament he had participated.

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