2022 Chess Olympiad: Competitive Chess Comes to Chennai


The super kings of chess from countries worldwide will soon be in Chennai, India, for the 44th Chess Olympiad. The 2022 Chess Olympiad will start on July 29th and end on August 9th.

All national federations can submit a team if they choose. Ding Liren’s second-place finish at this year’s Candidates Tournament shows that China will once again be a strong contender for the gold medal.

China won the last Chess Olympiad to be played live in 2018. Thanks to the COVID pandemic, the 2020 Chess Olympiad was played online.

The Chess Olympiad attracts the strongest players in the world, and the Soviet Union team contained numerous world chess champions, including Botvinnik, Tal, and Smyslov. Being teammates didn’t mean a lack of competitiveness between them.

Take a look at this excellent game between Botvinnik and Tal.

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2022 Chess Olympiad Regulations

Each team consists of four players and a reserve. All team members are assigned a board and play opponents assigned to the same board.

The 2022 Chess Olympiad is an eleven-round Swiss Tournament with a 90+30 minute time control. The extra thirty minutes get added after move forty.

Since the Chess Olympiad is a team event, the match score earns a point for a win and half a point for a draw. Winners of each match receive two points for the win and one point if the match ends in a draw.

The winner of the 2022 Chess Olympiad will be the team with the most match points. There are no monetary prizes in the Chess Olympiad, with the winners awarded the Hamilton-Russell Cup.

The cup is named after the English magnate Frederick Hamilton-Russell who offered it as the prize at the first official Chess Olympiad. Hungary won the first official Chess Olympiad held in 1927 in London.

They would go on to win the second official Chess Olympiad and finish second in the third.

Interestingly FIDE was formed on the last day of the 1924 1st Unofficial Chess Olympiad, held in Paris, France. Two years later, the 2nd Unofficial Chess Olympiad took place in Budapest, Hungary.

There was a 3rd Unofficial Chess Olympiad in 1936 in Munich, Germany. Hungary won this Chess Olympiad ahead of Poland and Germany.

Garry Kasparov said, "The highest art of the chess player lies in not allowing your opponent to show you what he can do." Which country will put this into practice and stifle their opponents at the 2022 chess olympiad?

History of the Chess Olympiad

Unsurprisingly the country with the most gold medals is the Soviet Union with eighteen (nineteen total medals), followed by Russia with eight (fourteen total medals), and the United States of America with six (twenty-two total medals).

The Chess Olympiad has taken place every two years since 1950; in 1976, there were two chess Olympiads. FIDE selected Israel as the host for the official 1976 Chess Olympiad and refused to change the venue despite protests from Russia and Arabic countries, who did not recognize the state of Israel.

The second 1976 chess Olympiad was called the Against Chess Olympiad and did not have a single grandmaster participating. Three countries sent teams to both Chess Olympiads – Italy, Philippines, and Uruguay.

In the twenty Chess Olympiads from 1952 until 1990, the Soviet Union won gold at eighteen Olympiads, finished second in one (1978), and boycotted one (1976).

The prestige of the Chess Olympiad draws the world’s best chess players. In the 1960 Leipzig Chess Olympiad Final-A, Bobby Fischer played Mikhail Tal.

Robert James Fischer – Mikhail Tal, 1960.11.01, 1/2-1/2, Leipzig ol (Men) fin-A Round 5, Leipzig GDR

In Conclusion

The 2022 Chess Olympiad is sure to treat us to many top-class chess games as the best players in the world compete against each other. We get treated to seeing the top four players from each country playing on the same team against another four incredibly strong players.

In the 2022 Chess Olympiad, as with every Chess Olympiad, there is the added motivation of playing for your country. Who will cope the best with this extra pressure?

No matter who wins, there will surely be many excellent games for us to enjoy and learn from over the twelve days of the 2022 Chess Olympiad.

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