3 Tips to Reach 2000 ELO in Chess [With PROOF]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you 3 useful tips to reach 2000 ELO rating in chess. These tips are based on a true story; a RCA student, Henry, from Spain, used these tips/rules in his games and he was able to defeat 2000 ELO rated opponents, which was always a dream for him.

You will be trained on these 3 ideas with practical examples. You will watch the games played by this RCA student and learn how to apply these practical rules in real time.

In fact, this will be more relatable to you than studying/watching the games of top grandmasters like Magnus Carlsen or Bobby Fischer.

► Chapters

00:00 3 Chess Tips to Reach 2000 ELO Rating
00:11 RCA student’s success story (Proof)
00:34 Example-1
01:00 Tip-1
02:48 How to Beat 2000 ELO Chess Players
03:47 Example-2
04:19 Tip-2
06:49 Are you doubtful about reaching 2000 ELO?
07:26 Example-3
08:00 Tip-3
10:25 Summary of tips

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