3 Vital Chess Opening Principles

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the top 3 most vital chess opening principles. These principles are universal, meaning that they work in any and every chess opening.

These principles are unknown or misunderstood by a lot of chess players, which gives you a competitive edge against most of your opponents.

You will also learn the single most important chess opening principle that will skyrocket your results. This has the power to increase your rating by 200-300 points.

► Chapters

00:00 Top 3 Chess Opening Principles (Universal Rules)
00:17 1) Don’t move your f-pawn
01:43 What about the Dutch Defense 1.d4 f5?
02:48 Exception: you can move your f-pawn if…
03:13 2) Don’t move your queen early
05:11 Example: French Defense, Two Knights Variation
06:49 Most important chess opening principle
10:07 3) Calculate 1-2 moves ahead
11:53 Anti-Blunder check

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