5 EASY Chess Traps for Beginners

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the top 5 chess opening traps for beginners. The main problem with the beginners is that a lot of the known/popular opening traps don’t work against them; they don’t even see hanging pawns/pieces and hence it’s difficult to lure them them into the traps.

That’s why, GM Smirnov has shortlisted the best opening traps that work really well at the beginner level. This will also help you beat beginner-level players easily if you’re an intermediate or advanced player.

► Chapters

00:00 Top 5 Chess Opening Traps for Beginners
00:05 The problem with beginner chess players
01:01 Trap-1: Fried Liver Attack, Two Knights Defense
02:21 Trap-2: Smith–Morra Gambit, Sicilian Defense
04:03 Trap-3: Fried Liver Attack on the queenside
05:24 Puzzle of the day
05:41 Trap-4: Counter the Fried Liver Attack
07:58 Trap-5: Stafford Gambit, Petrov’s Defense

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