“5 Lessons I’ve Learned from 25 Years in Chess” – GM Igor Smirnov


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♕ Download the PGN of the games used in the video (at the end of the blog-post): https://goo.gl/qdBwFa

In this video, GM Igor Smirnov shares his entire experience over all of these years:

• his own experience as a chess player in the amateur level,
• and later on, from a Grandmaster level,
• from the RCA students

There’s really an extensive feedback on what works for chess players and what doesn’t. He has summarized them all in this video lesson. If you follow these 5 tips, it will ensure your smooth and constant chess progress.

♕ How to Analyze Your Games (FREE course): https://goo.gl/VCiqfs

Are You Living on the Edge?

Surviving the side was a term I made use of to make use of for myself. Packing in as much as I could every day for anxiety of not accomplishing whatever I would certainly imagined. I would certainly leave no area for error and constantly demanded more of myself. This by itself developed a variety of issues both within myself and also socially.

Is Meditation Really That Cool?

Just recently I was introduced to reflection as a form of leisure to allow my mind to slow down and also empty out several of life’s garbage, being the individuality type that will certainly provide anything a go once I instantly occupied the referral to see what I can do for me. The first minutes were invested attempting to locate a comfy setting, those placements that Buddhist Monks and severe yoggies obtain themselves into are not realistic for the typical punter! Believe me on that particular one.

Empty the Mind

A vital tool to living a high quality life is your ability to empty the mind of the crap life tosses at us. Daily we build up crap through numerous resources of media, family and friends which constructs up as well as comes to be counterproductive to leading a fulfilling life. We require to remove some, if not every one of this mess. Assume of this as beginning with a blank canvas.

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Our ideas do job such a massive component of that and what we can become, however have you ever before considered real influence of what our ideas can be really doing to your daily path in life. Have you ever heard the term “you are what you eat”, well how around taking it simply an action additionally with the statement “you are what you assume!”

Enjoy The Benefits of Melatonin Using Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is a neuro-technological tool that introduces specific audio patterns to the mind with the intention of modifying its state of awareness. When the slow brainwave regularity of delta exists to the mind, it mimics this frequency and launches melatonin, a hormone that sets our mind’s body clock.

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