6 Brilliant Chess Moves In A Row! [Consecutive Queen Sacrifices]

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Have you ever dreamed of playing one brilliant move in a chess game? Well, imagine making 6 consecutive brilliant moves in a single game! That’s exactly what happened in this remarkable chess encounter between Edwin Ziegler and Carlos Torre.

In this video lesson, we’ll dissect this incredible game, filled with tactical fireworks and consecutive queen sacrifices (and rook sacrifices) that left both players and chess enthusiasts awestruck. The victim of this spectacular display of chess mastery was none other than Carlos Torre, a top-eight world-ranked player at the time.

► Chapters

00:00 Consecutive Queen Sacrifices in a Game!
02:33 The move that changed the game
03:22 The Queen Dance Begins!
05:29 Another Queen Sacrifice!
07:04 Consecutive brilliant moves by White
08:50 Game-2: Torre vs Lasker
09:50 Chess Tactical Motif: Windmill
10:56 Puzzle of the Day – test your skills

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