A Beginner Lesson in the Ponziani Opening

In this video, I give a chess lesson to PogChamps 4 Participant @Fundy on how to play the Ponziani Opening for white. The Ponziani is a simple and tricky opening that can be very effective at the beginner level. Learn more about PogChamps 4: https://www.chess.com/article/view/pogchamps-4?ref_id=6555034
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Perception is One of Your Mind’s Powerful Tools

Assumption is a device of the mind that can assist produce things into our physical life if we understand just how to use this suitably. Understanding is looking at things from all angles.

Imagination is One of Your Mind’s Powerful Tools

Albert Einstein once said “Creative imagination is more crucial than expertise.” I personally agree with this statement, despite the fact that I understand a great deal of others do not. If you can visualize you can create anything you want in your life.

Reasoning is One of Your Mind’s Powerful Tools

When we stop and think of it and just how much or just how little we utilize our mind as well as our brainpower it is really baffling! Thinking in its interpretation is to develop final thoughts reasonings and/or judgments regarding things in our life.

Circumstances of the Human Mind!

When you think of nothing, you become nothing. That is simply the circumstances of the human mind. We become what we most consider the majority of.

Learning to Love Your Mind

We have actually been told on numerous occasions to love our body, mind and also spirit. Our mind is a very powerful tool. Whatever that we can think of, we can make it happen. Yes, that is the power of our mind.

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