A Chess Lesson for Beginner/Intermediate Players | 2 hours with Ed Ju

I did a lesson with twitch streamer Ed Ju, (check him out here: twitch.tv/iamedju). We covered a lot in this lesson but we mostly focused on some important concepts in the London system, had a quick look at playing vs the Englund Gambit for white, and then looked at an instructive classical game before finally capping off with Ed playing a game we analyzed afterward.

00:00 A quick chat and intro
06:10 Start of opening talk,
08:35 Actual chess moves!
10:05 Englund Gambit off tangent
16:22 Weird early deviations in the London System
22:03 The London Slav, important ideas!
48:44 My game with the Ashwin Trap
59:11 My game in the “mainline” London
1:00:30 Discussion about when to play h3 in London and e5 square
1:04:45 Continuing game, Bb5 line Magnus style
1:20:15 A look at an immortal back rank game tactic
1:38:18 Ed plays a game we spectate
1:48:25 Post-game analysis of Ed’s game

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Enhancing Memory Through Memory Games

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Practice Based Memory Improvement

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Memory Improvement Through Association

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