Amazing Chess Studies and how to solve them – Learn to figure out WHY the pieces are WHERE they are!

Hello there in this video, i would like to have a look at a few chess studies. Now, what is a chess study? A test study is something that ‘ S been composed a composed position, a position that the composer has spent a lot of time on, and the idea is to demonstrate some beautiful and hard to find idea.

I’m, going to show you three studies and we’re, going to talk a little bit about. You know what makes a good study and specifically, we’re going to talk about. You know the purpose of each piece and you’ll, find in these studies that there’s, rarely a piece.

You know that does nothing or doesn’t have a purpose. So let’s. Imagine this study and when we finish looking at it looking at it, it will make more sense if there’s a pawn like on h4, which does nothing, then this would be uh not like a clean, clean study and it wouldn’T be as good and and well-respected, but let’s have a look at this one.

First, it’s. Why to move and win so for all three. I i encourage you to try to solve the studies because well it’s very satisfying when you solve such a position. Well, let’s. Talk through uh these positions, so this one it’s, clear that we have a problem because this pawn wants to promote and we need to stop it.

But how it looks like this knight is too far away and it doesn’t. Really have any squares it can go to. This is protected. If we go here, it takes too long because it’s. Only two moves until we queen, and we queen with check it’s.

Gon na be checked to the king. So looks like we need to use the bishop somehow i when i show this to people they try to do something with g3 or or even c4. Let’s say i move like this, but then they quickly figure out that.

Well, they don’t really have a threat. They’re, not opening any diagonals. I’m gonna queen here next move and nothing going on. Then they try and move like c4. But once again, i i just just take it and they might try more like d3 idea being, if i take, they bring the bishop and try to stop the pawn.

But here i should be able to just uh, probably play a more like king c3. Here, if i’ll go b3, maybe okay! I have to worry about this, but it should be okay still, but now you see that there’s, no way to uh to stop the pawn.

I’m going to queen next move and it’s going to be check. So this doesn’t, work c3 or c4 d3 is also too late. Okay, if we had one more move, but we don’t have it because now we’re too late, and this does nothing we can.

We can simply take it. No jacks the bishop can’t get there. So it looks like an impossible task and that’s, usually what makes these studies so nice. So now we start to think about. Okay, we need to get the bishop here onto the diagonal.

But what is the knight doing here? It has to have a purpose, and very often this can help you to solve the puzzles on here. The knight indeed has a purpose, and the correct move is to play knight c6. So the purpose of the knight is to be a kamikaze piece just give itself up.

So now, if you push a2, i go night before check. I’ll, pick up the pawn because from from p4 it’s a fork and i’m going to win the pawn. So black has to take the piece. But now i get to move the bishop to the diagonal and i want some time because now, if you push, i can take it upon and we win so king d5.

If king here check on this square and take the pawn so king d5 is forced. Black has to protect this pawn fair enough, but how do we continue from here? Still two moves. We did improve the bishop, but what can we do with the pawns it’s pretty clear.

The king is too late. It’s not going to catch the pawn, so we need some magic with the pawns. What can we do? What about c3 now? Well, unfortunately, we can play this, and this for a split second looks like something until we realize a there’s check and b.

If there wasn’t check – and we intended to play this with check – we can simply take with the king on t4. So two reasons why this does not work. What about c4 well, i can still probably just take it takes.

Bishop is not getting on the diagonal, you can play d3 still, probably just take it and you’re still simply too late, something like this here, etc. So, almost by process of elimination, we find that d3 is the correct move, but why well? This is completely left field.

D3. A2. We’re about the queen, but now we play c4 jack. Now the pawn is protected. King can’t, take it if he takes on poissant on corsant, we take with the bishop and we stop the pawn. So black has to keep an eye on the d4 pawn.

He has to play the king here, okay, but why y is the white king here and not let’s, say over here or here or basically wherever well, like i said, usually, the pieces have a purpose and the king has a purpose on a6, Which is king to b7, and now we find out that black is in such one if he promotes you can see it now.

Right covered covered covered czech, slovakia, that’s made right. It’s, quite a pretty picture, so we can’t promote because you got made it and if you play the king, we take a pawn, we stop it and we promote the other one beautiful study.

Actually one of my favorites and one i always remember like when i meet people and you know looking at chess games, i can set up this position and show them so let’s. Have a look at another study. This one is more complicated, but again all the pieces have a purpose which we’ll see so it’s white to move and win.

So once again, if you want to try to solve it, pause it and – and you know, try to find the solution, but we’re, going to look at it now. So again, we’re trying to deal with like having past pawns, and this looks very dangerous.

Indeed, if it’s black to move, he can take, and he’s starting to make a queen, and since a rock can’t really cut, can’t really get back and d1 is a light square. It can’t, be covered with bishop. It looks like a difficult task, so we need to find something powerful and why is the pawn here has to be a purpose, and actually the purpose is to sacrifice itself d7.

So sometimes you can find these solutions because of this, this is not likely to help you in a real game, because you don’t know the position is a composition, but from these studies you very often you learn some some very important and nice Ideas which, when people talk about study-like idea, usually it’s, an idea that people think they could have learned from a study or could have been a study and those those are always considered quite nice.

So it’s, a jack. We’re, threatening the queen has to take with the king right, okay, but how to deal with the pawn i mean we can. We can give a check. Doesn’t really do anything. The problem remains, this block is attacked and we have this problem, so we take the knight here and now we find out that the purpose of the knight was just to be in the way.

If there’s, no knight, you will be able to play rookie one, and now he takes just rook t1. We stop the pawns so that’s. The purpose of the knight it’s in the way, but okay now he takes the pawn and he wants the queen.

What to do now. Actually i played too fast because black now plays the wonderful move, bishop g6 and actually to find out why he has to play it. We should first look at this because now we can give a check king somewhere we take, and then we simply take the pawn.

So why is bishop g6 correct? Why is this the best defense? Well king, takes g6 what else? Otherwise they take the rook here now we take. But what’s? The difference we’re still gonna go after the pawns right, but now it goes king e8 and we find out that, oh no, oh, no, if we take queen, takes guess what still mate king has no squares can’t.

Do that but hold your horses, because we don’t give up and we play the incredible move bishop to e7 and the idea is, you can’t? Take it because now there’s, no no more stalemate, because well, the bishop is gone.

So if you take it, i just take the pawns. So the natural question is what, if i just queen well, the geometry of the position is such that after bishop d5, this pawn well that that served the purpose to shield the d-pawn.

So we have this queening business. Now it’s, shielding the white king. There’s; no check on this diagonal. There’s, no check on the g-file there’s, no check on the sixth there’s no check. Also. There’s, a mate threat; this is kind of an upper mid and it can’t be stopped.

The queen has no way to get into the game to stop the mate, so this simply wins. So let ‘ S actually see this one from the top starting position: d7. The pawn had a purpose to get rid of itself.

Rook takes e4, the rook was in the way, so the rook couldn’t, get back here. Bishop g6, getting out of the way to create the stalemate. King 28 and now this beautiful bcp7 queen’s. Bishop g5 and the white simply wins.

Okay, our final puzzle very nice, and this one demonstrates well. You know why why the pieces are there? So when you look at this, why are these pieces here makes no sense now and it’s hard to figure out, but okay again try to solve this one.

This one is really difficult, but really really rewarding. If you can solve it. So once again we’re battling dangerous past pawns and in fact it’s, so dangerous that the the first move is more or less forced.

We have to stop the b pawn, so this is actually the correct. First, move rook to b7, but now a3 and well we learned that two pawns on the sixth in this case, the third for black, are usually better than a rook.

Well, here same thing: now it’s on the second and third, and we’re threatening to play this and simply queen. So it seems like there’s, no defense here, but there’s, an amazing solution and again what is the bishop doing here has to have a purpose same for the pawn and same for these pawns.

We’re about to find out. The move here is king to c5. What’s? The idea? Okay, still we ‘ Ll cover this with rook, but black just goes on a2. He wants the queen. We’re threatening to queen this queen.

This you can’t stop both right and this move. I mean this is out of this world. You know how do people come up with this? It’s amazing. This is why chess is so beautiful. You know you can enjoy things like just you know, just playing through chess studies trying to solve them.

You don’t even have to play to enjoy chess, and if you do, if you don’t enjoy such a move, then then something’s, wrong rook to f7. Just absolutely super amazing. Now what’s? The idea the idea is to mate, so if you make a queen doesn’t matter which one all of a sudden, the bishop wakes up in the corner – hello, hello and well, there had to be a purpose to this pawn right here.

It is a format, so this is why we have the f pawn matic net fair enough, but we can also take the brook. So if you don’t take you can admit it. You can start with king e5, bishop d5 and then f4 doesn’t matter queen either pawn plays defeat jack king e5, f4 mate, so we kind of have to take on f7, but now the bishop again comes alive.

King must run we take the pawn king comes in, and now we actually find out what we need. Why we need these pawns because, after king of five let’s say we play king here. He plays king here and now we can’t, stop him from getting to f3 and getting our f pawn or we could play a move like this.

He comes in, he takes our pawn, but now we come here and we’re. Going to be able to win the 8th pawn and the king is behind the pawn notice that bishop and an h pawn is a draw if the king gets to this square.

The black king. But here it simply can’t and we’re going to win. But now we see why we needed this pawn and this pawn. We needed the edge pawn simply so that in the line where we’re not meeting with f4, when we win the a pawn, we have a win.

We need one pawn to win if it was only a bishop, it’s. A draw, but we have the pawn and we win and the result is a wonderful story and one of the most amazing starting moves. I’ve, seen rook f7 two points about the queen.

The rook just goes, you know somewhere off uh. Are you gonna queen? Ah yeah, i’m good, see you guys later unbelievable stuff? Okay, i hope you guys enjoyed it um. I hope i can find some uh good video idea for tomorrow, because it’s, my birthday, so i’ll, be trying to find uh a banger video for you guys tomorrow, and i hope i can deliver and hope to see.

You then so thanks for watching bye,

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In this video, we look at three amazing chess studies. Studies are a technical term for what describes exercises players use to improve their game or to provide entertainment, like a crossword puzzle. In studies, the object is for one side to win the game or find a surprising way to force a draw.

In the game of chess, an endgame study, or just study, is a composed position—that is, one that has been made up rather than played in an actual game—presented as a sort of puzzle, in which the aim of the solver is to find the essentially unique way for one side (usually White) to win or draw, as stipulated

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