Anand crushed Karjakin in Sicilian Najdorf | Brilliant Attack

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In this video lesson, the RCA guest coach IM Mateusz Kolosowski analyzes a famous chess game played between Sergey Karjakin and Viswanathan Anand in 2006 at the Corus Wijk aan Zee tournament. The Najdorf variation from the Sicilian Defense was played and it is a powerful attacking chess game.

The Najdorf variation is one of the theoretically heavy lines in the Sicilian Defense and it requires a lot of preparation to play this opening variation. In this game, Karjakin and Anand castled their kings on opposite sides and it opened doors for a classical attack on the King for both the sides.

In this video, IM Mat will illustrate the strong opening preparation from both Karjakin and Anand, which went for about 22 moves. It was at move 23 when played Karjakin played a novelty with 23.Qc3. You will learn how to attack during opposite side castling and you will learn the importance of a powerful pawn storm breaking the opponent’s castled King.

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