Anand’s Newly Developed Opening Is EPIC! (Don’t Try This At Home!)

What’s up grandmaster, igor smirnoff, is here, and today i’d like to share with you the craziest opening line i ever saw in my life, and it was actually prepared by vishwantan anand, and he was going to play it in His world championship match, which makes it even more fun let’s, take a look.

This line happens after the first move, pawn e4 pawn to c5 knight 3 knight, c6 bishop b5, so-called rosalino variation, which makes sense for white because by playing bishop to b5, you can get rid of this knight and, even more importantly, it’s.

Kind of anti-sicilian, because you don’t, have to learn all the sicilian variations which could happen either variation, dragon variation, etc, etc. And you limit it down to just one variation which you play and you know anyway, let’s, see what’s going on next black plays pawn to e6.

Here white captures the knight two double black pawns and then plays pawn to b3 preparing development of his dark scored. Bishop and here black can play the move pawn to e5, which actually was played by galvand in his world championship match against anand.

So black plays pawn to e5 and it makes perfect sense because black’s intention is to solidify his center with a move pawn to d6. Let’s say if white goes: bishop b2 black plays pawn to d6 and you can see that now black has this rock-solid center and uh.

I really can’t. Do anything and the white’s. Bishop on b2 is uh restricted because of this pawn chain which black has in the center and black is doing perfectly well here, therefore, uh white probably wants to do something else and in the game and took the pawn with knight takes e5, but of course it’s, not that black plunder the pawn because he’s.

Gon na get it back right on the next move. He plays queen to e7 to attack the knight and then indirectly, the pawn on e4 white plays pawn to d4 to support the knight and in the game gelfin played pawn to d6 and after that he lost the game later on.

It turns out that, after that, by captures the pawn and the game goes into this end game, where white has slightly better position and anand won the game later on. But the more critical line here would be instead of pawn to d6, which allows white to capture one more pawn.

Black could have played pawn to f6, which looks like a stronger option for black because it does force white’s, knight to go back. And then, after that black captures the pawn on e4 delivering check to the white skin.

And it looks like black is doing just fine, and this is exactly the moment where anand prepared this shocker the super bowl surprise for his opponent. He was going to play here kin to d2, which he shared later on after the game when he was talking about his pre-match preparation and, of course the move itself seems crazy and very risky.

The king goes to d2 in front of you know his other pieces kind of blocking them and putting the king in the central vulnerable square. It looks crazy, but it does make some sense, because right now, white is playing to play rook to e1 to capture the black’s.

Queen, therefore, black has to do something about this. Let’s say he goes knight to e7 to close this line so that, therefore he can retreat with his queen and save the queen. Out of that white would probably play rook to e1.

The queen goes somewhere, let’s, say queen to f5 and after that uh anand shared that he was actually going to play with his king king to c3, which looks like another weird crazy move like normally, you expect white to develop his knight to C3 rate, but in this case all of a sudden white moves his kin there and the king is aiming to hide back on that b to square and after that he’s kind of making this long journey.

You know all the way to the king side, which, like normally the king, would go on g1, but in this case white kind of uh moved it to b2. You know made this artificial costume from e1. You know so he chosen another trajectory for the king, which yeah makes a lot of fun.

But here what? If black girls pawn to c4 trying to expose the white skin and start the attack right now, it turns out that white can actually capture this pawn, which again looks like something totally crazy and the madness is going on here uh.

Now, what if black, tries to check the white skin right now? Well, in that case, the white skin will actually retreat back to safety to b2, but one of black girls can queen to a5 so that the king cannot go back and now black is ready to play.

Bishop a6 checkmate looks like white is almost done, but at this point the king can kind of realize that, like oh, my god, what am i even doing and that it’s time to actually go back to some normal positions, and so the king Can realize his mistake and kinda, and you know around all the way back to his usual residence to the square g1, and it turns out the white is just in time to do just that and the king could hide on g1 and of course, in in this Case scenario, the king’s.

Journey to g1 was highly unusual, not like normally, you would cancel from e1 to g1. You know in one move, and here the king made this huge journey, but after that it turns out that white’s. Position is really really great because he, even though, in a highly unusual way kind of finalized his development, while black is now in trouble.

His skin is exposed. The the knight on esaun is pinned. Therefore, black can’t finalize his development normally and white. Will finalize his development within just few next moves? He only needs to bring his knight on bishop into the game and, after that he ‘

Ll probably deliver the crushing attack, and there is also one more line which i’d like to share with you at this position. Just like we have already analyzed white. Has this crazy move? King goes to d2 and then, if black goes knight to e7 y plays rook to e1.

So far we analyzed the black’s move queen to f5, but what? If black, goes queen to g6? It also makes sense kinda taking that pawn on g2 and anyway, black needs to move his uh or her queen away from danger in this position.

White can still keep playing in that irresponsible style. I have to say: white can once again move his king to c3 and it’s, a really funny variation. Because again, normally you expect y to go knight to c3 right now.

King should go there and, like the majority of the white species, are still standing there on the first rank, while the white skin is just dancing around back and forth having fun. So the opening line here is definitely the craziest, or at least one of the craziest.

You ever saw now what if black goes here, came to f7, it’s, not that black also gone wild. It’s, it’s, just that black needs to finalize his development. Somehow and the knight from e7 is painted by the rook, therefore can’t go away and black needs to somehow develop his pieces.

Therefore, it makes sense for black to move his keen away, aiming to move the knight somewhere and after that, develop the bishop. You know – and it makes some sense indeed, because the knight was pinned previously with the black skin standing back there on e8 and black still needs to continue his development.

Therefore, he may wish to go king to f7 to enable him to go knight to d5 and continue his development. So my question to you is: how would you play here as white think about this and write it down in the comments below also give a like to this game? If you enjoyed it, it’s.

Definitely one of the craziest things i ever saw in my life with you know the crazy dancing of the white skin all around the board having so much fun. Finally, let me also invite you to my new free master class, the best way to improve your chess instantly, where i summarized the most efficient ways how you can advance your chess level and gain several hundred rating points quickly.

You’re. Welcome to click the link on screen or down below and register for the masterclass. I’ll, be happy to see you. There finally have a great rest of the day and i’ll talk to you soon.

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the craziest chess opening line prepared by the former world chess champion, Viswanathan Anand, and he was going to play it at his world championship match against Boris Gelfand in 2012; and that’s even more fun. 🙂

It was in the Rossolimo Variation of the Sicilian Defense, which follows the opening moves: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5, which is a well-respected alternative to 3.d4. It is named after Nicolas Rossolimo and is related to the Moscow Variation. White’s usual intention is to play Bxc6, giving Black doubled pawns.

And more importantly, this variation is kind of an anti-Sicilian because you don’t have to learn all the opening theories and memorize variations like in the case of the Najdorf variation or the Sicilian Dragon.

So, what is that ultimate shocker that Anand prepared against Gelfand? He actually shared this after the game was over, when he was talking about his pre-match preparation. Watch the video and find out what it is!

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