Arabian Mate – Chess Checkmate Patterns

Arabian mate is one of the most important mating patterns you can learn. In this video, we will learn the basic pattern and then reinforce it with practical examples.

In the Arabian mate, the knight and the rook team up to trap the opposing king on a corner of the board. The rook sits on a square adjacent to the king both to prevent escape along the diagonal and to deliver checkmate while the knight sits two squares away diagonally from the king to prevent escape on the square next to the king and to protect the rook.[4]

In addition to being among the most common mating patterns, the Arabian mate is also an important topic in the context of history of chess for two reasons: 1) it is mentioned in ancient Arabic manuscripts,[citation needed] and 2) it is derived from the older, Persian form of chess in which the knight and the rook were the two most powerful pieces in the game before chess had migrated to Europe and the queen given its current powers of movement.

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