Attacking the Dark Squared Bishop | Fianchetto Structure

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The fianchetto setup is one of the important structures in the game of chess. Although it may seem that it gives a perfect protection for the castled king, it can be used as a target to be exploited by the opposing side. That is, the fianchetto pawn structure (the pawns on h7, g6, g7) and the dark squared bishop on g7 can be used as targets of attack.

But the question is how to attack the fianchetto structure? How to attack your opponent’s castled king when he or she has a fianchetto pawn structure? How to remove the key defender, the fianchetto bishop, and create a dark square weakness for your opponent?

In this video lesson, RCA guest coach GM Sipke Ernst explains how to attack or exchange the dark squared bishop (the fianchettoed bishop) which is the key defender of your opponent. He illustrates the two common ways of doing that:

1) Exchanging the dark squared bishop
2) Sacrificing your piece to get rid off the bishop

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