Best of the Best Chess Courses for 2021

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The cost of top-quality chess training courses can add up very quickly for the unwary, even without buyer’s remorse adding to the emotional cost.

That’s why the prudent chess player takes time to determine which areas they need to focus on and improve. Your chess training strategy needs the same attention as the strategy you employ on the board.

Just as you make every tempo count so you must make the most of every dollar!

You can take your chess training to new levels with the confidence that these chess courses will help you become a better chess player.

No matter your level or style of play, you are sure to find a suitable chess training course to suit you. These peer-reviewed courses remain in high demand.

Making your buying decision easier, all of these courses are discounted by 50%!

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Still, have questions? We’ve got the answers in this article:

The Top 10 Best Selling Chess Training Courses for 2021

1.) 80/20 Tactics Multiplier: The London System – IM Eric Rosen

[embedded content]
In this game, you will learn not to mess with GM Daniel Naroditsky, whose Master Method Courses also made it onto our top 10 list!

Learning tactics is an essential element of chess training. Think how much time and effort you would save if you studied tactics found in your openings?

This 80/20 Tactics Multiplier course has consistently been our best seller!

This is due to the material selected and the comprehensive coverage IM Eric Rosen gives to the London System. However, IM Rosen presents the material in such a way as to make it accessible for players of all levels.

You can start applying these deadly tactics in your very next game!

This course has forty-eight 5 star ratings and six 4 star ratings.

Scott J gave it 5 stars and wrote:

Another Eric Rosen Masterpiece I just think Eric Rosen is a great human. I love when he recommends moves that I would have never considered and are crushing blows to your opponent. I’m really glad I have these tools in my back pocket.

2.) Accelerate Your Chess – GM Simon Williams (aka GingerGM)

This chess training course is for players wanting to take their chess training to a new level. After you’ve built a solid foundation, it’s time to Accelerate Your Chess! 

The GingerGM is here to help you moved on from the beginner label but haven’t made it into the titled player ranks.

What makes this chess training course great is how well GM Simon Williams has judged the level of instruction. 

The subjects are advanced enough to make you feel you’re taking your chess training up a level. However, any reasonably competent club player is not going to struggle to follow the lessons.

What is particularly useful are the example games where the GingerGM shows you how to apply what you learn.

There are over thirty 5-star reviews for this course.

Donald F. wrote in his 5-star review:

Great video The Ginger GM is one of the best video instructors around!!!!!! Entertaining and informative!!!!!

3.) The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash the Barriers to your Chess Success!

[embedded content]
Not only will IM Anna Rudolf teach you how to defend, but you will also learn how to attack like a beast!

All the iChess-exclusive Master Methods offer exceptional value for money while making your chess training a lot more enjoyable.

One of the most popular presenters is Anna Rudolf because she knows what club players need to learn to progress further.

This is a great course to start with and lay a foundation for your further studies. Don’t rush through this course, as it will prove highly beneficial to all your other chess training.

This course teaches you how to study any opening and how to build a repertoire of your choosing. Essential aspects of middlegame and endgame play are covered.

The chapters on attacking the castled king are worth the price of this course.

This is another iChess training course with over thirty 5-star reviews.

Steve C thinks it’s worth 5 stars and thinks it’s the best course for beginners. Here’s what he had to say

Best course for beginners

I’m a 1000 rated player, so a beginner who knows a bit about the game, but that’s it. I watched a TON of content on the web, Chessbrah’s vods, Naroditsky vods, lessons, books, etc. 

But after watching Anna’s course, I now know I only got this rating using opening memory and tactics. I had no idea what I was doing, and now I understand how to make a plan following logic, not just intuition and tactics. 

This course is amazing for beginners who want solid chess foundations through practical lessons. That’ll take a lot of work to be able to evaluate positions as fast as Anna does, but at least there’s a clear goal now. Amazing course.

4.) My Thinking System – GM Igor Smirnov

GM Igor Smirnov offers chess training with a focus on the practical aspect of the lessons. In other words, he gets straight to the point.

What makes these courses exceptionally helpful is that you will gain a lot of information you can use with minimal time.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the methods taught. Apply them in your games, and you will be amazed at how much benefit you get from your chess training with GM Smirnov.

Patrick G. rated this course 5 stars and said:

Eager for more…

I found this webinar to be very insightful, and it gave me several strong concepts to improve my game…I am a new player but found him easy to follow, and it definitely gave me some great tips.

5.) Empire Chess MEGA BUNDLE

Add the Empire Chess Mega Bundle to your library and you will get over 250 hours of chess training. All the presenters are titled players from International Masters to Grandmasters.

In a bundle of this size, you know all areas of the game are covered – openings, middlegames, and endgames. This comprehensive chess training will ensure you become a well-rounded, stronger chess player in all three phases of the game.

The added bonus is you will know the next level of chess training is waiting for you when you become a stronger player.

Forty 5-star reviews mean you can feel terrific about purchasing the Empire Chess Mega Bundle. 

Here is Nick. T’s 5-star review

Game Changer!

This was my first purchase from Ichess and is the backbone of my library. Some of the graphics are old…..but….the material is good, and I have revamped my repertoire from this collection and regularly consult it.

Bargain of the century! Big up GM Eugene Perelstyn, who does not get enough credit cos folk only mention Damian Lemos and Danny Gormally…… so many outstanding GMs contribute to this. 

If you want to improve at chess, you have to be consistent and methodical……this library will fuel your endeavors.

6.) The Full Beginner Chess Collection (13 Volume Set) – GM Susan Polgar

There is nobody better from whom to learn how to play chess than multiple Women’s World Champion GM Susan Polgar.

This is chess training for both adults and children. You can learn with your children or use what you learn to teach your children this great game.

If you know the rules and how the pieces move and wonder what to do next, this is the course for you. 

In this course, you will get chess training in:

  • the basic principles
  • planning in chess
  • chess tactics and combinations
  • openings
  • endgames

And more!

Scott M. called it a “Great Course” and gave it 5 stars. He wrote:

Great course

Thus us a great set of lectures and instruction with good video as well. Addresses issues for beginners and novice players and helps improve play.

7.) The Naroditsky Method 01 and 02 – GM Daniel Naroditsky

[embedded content]
Among the many lessons offered in this 30-hour bundle is learning where to place your pieces.

There are 30 hours of chess training jam-packed with wisdom and tips guaranteed to help you improve! You get both lf Daniel’s Master Method courses in one bundle.

GM Daniel Naroditsky is an American chess prodigy who also published a chess book at the age of 14 and is a popular chess streamer and commentator. 

No chess training is complete without covering openings, tactics, calculation, positional play, and endgames. And this is only in Daniel’s first Master Method Course.

In the second course, Daniel covers topics not usually included in the majority of courses. For example, the subjects covered include memorization and understanding, psychology, and storytelling. 

The following 5-star review is from Robert L.

Daniel Naroditsky

Daniel may be THE best presenter on iChess ( along with Damian Lemos) Both present the material in a logical progression making sure to explain many of the “what if’s” in a given position. This is invaluable to the audience as these “what if’s” sometimes are not clear to lower-rated players. I bought Naroditsky 1 and 2, and while I have a lot to go thru yet, I am already hoping for a third from GM Naroditsky. Thank you, iChess, for making your products both available and affordable!

8.) The Short Way to Mastering Tactics (The Nigel Method)

We know how beneficial it is to include studying the games of strong chess players in our chess training. What many find challenging is deciding how far back to go?

Chess has moved on quite a lot from Steinitz, Lasker, and Capablanca. There is still lots we can learn from them, but if we can learn from somebody playing modern chess, why not start here?

In “The Short Way To Mastering Tactics,” you will learn how a strong grandmaster plays the game and gain insights into his thinking process.

The best part of chess training videos is you can stop the lesson for as long as you need to make notes of tactics or snippets of wisdom at any time. 

Missed something the first time or want to repeat a tactic several times? No problem!

Frederik M, from the Netherlands, rates “The Nigel Method” 5 stars, saying

Highly instructive material for a decent price

This course is easy to digest, and I regularly pause the video to have a closer look at the position and the different possibilities. Excellent choice of games, lots of excitement, and surprises.

9.) Anna’s Essential Endgames Course – IM Anna Rudolf

When it comes to chess training, we understand there is a need to break it down into smaller parts. We divide our chess training into opening training, middlegame training, and endgame training.

One reason many players put off endgame training is the thought of it being dull and dry. Very few of us will confess to thinking endgame training is fun.

Fortunately, this course by IM Anna Rudolf puts the fun element back into chess endgames. All the essential knowledge you need to play much better endgames is here in a 6-hour fun-filled chess training course.

Another reason for putting off studying the endgame is it can appear overwhelming. There are lots to learn and entire books written on rook endgames alone.

One of the most effective techniques for getting past the endgame overwhelm is to shift your focus to your first step. Ask yourself, “Where can I start?”

The answer is Anna’s Essential Endgames Course. That’s one hour a day for six days, and you will be done in a week – including a day to celebrate!

And if you think there is no way endgame study can be fun, then read what Peter S., from the United States, wrote in his 5-star review:

Clear and fun

Anna’s charming personality brings fun and life to what could be tedious training.

10.) Master Method Megabundle

Team USA Coach Alex Lenderman, 2018 US Champion Sam Shankland, 2700 players like Liem Le Quang and Paco Vallejo, Susan Polgar, and Alisa Melekhina are just a few of the top presenters.

Featuring strong GMs who have played for the world championship and a former world champion, this is over 500 hours of chess instruction from the very best to have played the game!

What would you be willing to pay for insights into chess from Anatoly Karpov? What do you think 30 hours of learning from the GingerGM is worth?

We’re confident you would think these courses alone are worth more than the heavily discounted price for the entire Master Method Megabundle!

Included in this fantastic chess training collection are openings, middlegame skills, tournament preparation and play, comprehensive chess courses to help you improve all phases of the game, great games of world champions to learn from, and lots more!

Did we save the best for last? You best judge for yourself.

According to James M, from the United States, we did save the best for last – 

So far this mega bundle has been great!

I’ve only scratched the surface on the content included in this bundle, but what I’ve seen so far has been great and is already helping me to improve my game. There’s enough content here to last a lifetime! I also want to say that the customer service at has been wonderful as well. Cheers!

New Chess Training Courses Released in 2021

The following three courses got added to our extremely popular Intuition Navigates Chaos (INC) series of chess videos.

They are all part of the INC Turbo product range. INC Turbo courses are designed to supplement our complete INC courses and deepen your knowledge.

This is chess training specifically to take your understanding to the next level.

These are 3-hour courses packed full of chess wisdom for you to digest.

Like the ever-popular top-10 courses, you can get the following four courses at half-price! That’s a mere $19 each!

Evaluation and Strategy – IM Robert Ris

IM Robert Ris shows you how to recognize critical moments in the game and take advantage of them. In this chess training course, you will gain clarity about the best strategy to pursue and implement.

Learn how to use prophylaxis, dominate with the bishop pair, and take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses.

Richard J, from the United Kingdom, rated it 5 stars and wrote:

Evaluation & Strategy

Very good easy to understand

Find out more about this superb course in this article.

The Squeeze – Converting Advantages in Chess – IM Kostya Kavutskiy

How easy it is to relax the moment we have obtained a winning position. You’ve put in the hard work to gain a decisive advantage.

All your chess training is paying off, and now you ease up.

There is a specific technique and essential skills you need to learn to avoid dropping these half-points. Never mind the rating points a weaker opponent might take from you.

You’ve either been told it or read that opposite-colored bishops favor the attacking side with pieces on the board. Now it is time to learn how to get the most from such positions.

One weakness is easy for your opponent to defend. Learn how to create a second weakness and stretch his defenses to the breaking point.

Every chess game involves exchanges. There’s no getting away from it.

Surprisingly enough, many chess players haven’t learned how to assess if an exchange will benefit or harm them. Put an end to this indecision now!

Armando L, Spain, gives it 5 stars and had the following to say

“He speaks a lot and very quickly, but I understood everything because he explains it so well. Converting advantages is not my favorite part of chess, but he makes the lessons enjoyable.”

Learn more in this blog post

Sacrifices and Navigating Chaos – IM Alina Kashlinskaya

Tactics are an integral part of chess training because they play a role in many chess games. Often these tactics involve sacrifices, and navigating the chaos of sacrifices is a skill you must learn. 

 Whether you are the one playing sacrifices or on the receiving end, there will undoubtedly be chaos to navigate!

Learn how to play dynamic and positional sacrifices. Many sacrifices in chess are aimed at exposing the king, but many do not lead directly to checkmate.

Deepen your understanding of sacrifices and the resulting chaos with IM Alina Kashlinskaya.

This course comes highly-recommended by Paul H, United Kingdom, who gives it a 5 Star review:

Sacrifice & navigation Alina Kashlinskaya

A hotbed of material highly recommend must have

Read more about this great course here.

In Conclusion

Chess training nowadays takes many shapes and forms. No matter what shape it assumes, two crucial elements will always be cost and quality. offers you the best prices, top quality products, and peace of mind on top of it all. Take advantage of the iChess Club benefits, and you get even more reassurance thanks to 30-minute preview videos.

And if you think of something else we could offer to make your experience even more pleasant, we always welcome suggestions. You can contact us directly via email at [email protected] or leave a comment.

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