Best Speed Chess Move Of The Year?

One of the best speed chess moves of the year! During the 2020 Junior Speed Chess Championship, GM Sarana and GM Xiong played an amazing chess game that included a beautiful queen sacrifice. What a crazy chess game!

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The Beginner’s Mind Is Full of Possibilities

“In the newbie’s mind there are many opportunities, but in the expert’s there are few” – Shunryu Suzuki What is a beginner’s mind? A beginner’s mind is one that is open, excited to learn and also without prejudgments.

The Concept of Deliberate Thinking

How lots of times a day have you quit to think of the subject as well as topic of breathing? Something you do every split second of your life? Something so important and also important, yet it never crosses our mind to immediately place it in the top of our “thankfulness checklist” to be thankful that today, we have the ability to breathe effortlessly. Well, if you did, then congratulations, you’re a really blessed being who’ve understood the art of being grateful for the little points in life.

The Last of Human Freedoms

The ability to choose our thoughts is without an uncertainty our greatest power. In any type of given collection of circumstances, we have the selection to choose how we are going to reply to what’s taking place around us. Choose to respond as opposed to react. Use the wonderful power that you have within you.

Principles, Values And Culture

Principles, Values as well as Society are an important and also interesting aspect of our lives. It is equally well balanced in between a spiritual as well as materialistic world. However, it needs to be recognized objectively to comprehend reality applicable to entire mankind. Principle is specified as a legislation or reality of nature that describes exactly how something works or why something happens. These concepts, we embrace in our system to manage just how life should be regulated

Molyneux’s UPB: Examples of Confusion

Stefan Molyneux declares to have actually shown an instance for ‘Widely Better Behavior’ as a ‘Rational Evidence of Secular Ethics’. I assert to have actually disproven it by clearly deciphering the confusion underlying the evidence. You choose.

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