Bishop and Knight Flex – Chess Checkmate Patterns

This video shows you a checkmate pattern where the bishop and knight work well together, flexing their power to produce a checkmate.

The bishop and knight can work well together as is well seen in the bishop and knight pure checkmate with the pieces working together on the same color complex.

Solution to the last puzzle:

Other checkmate patterns mentioned:

The Karpov Choke:
Arabian Mate:

00:00 Intro
02:13 Example #1
02:40 Example #2
03:29 Example #3
04:14 Example #4
05:26 Example #5
07:14 Example #6
08:23 Example #7
09:42 Example #8
10:33 Magic move in the Grunfeld
12:39 Siclian slaughter
13:46 PUZZLE


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