Black Friday Cures Your Chess Opening Blues

Today we have access to a massive amount of chess opening theory. Thanks to chess engines -and the Black Friday– almost every chess opening is playable. 

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How do you sift through all this information? You don’t! Instead, you make the smart move and let a grandmaster do the work for you.

Take advantage of GM Damian Lemos’ knowledge of chess openings to learn the essential strategies of a chess opening. Become familiar with the ideas in the opening and deepen your understanding of the opening.

There is no better time to make changes to your opening repertoire than during the week-long Black Friday sale, from Monday, November 22nd, until Monday, November 29th.

Damian’s Deep Dive series covers openings for both sides, and you can get a massive 70% discount on each course.

Simply look for any product you want, go to checkout, and the discount will be automatically applied (except for a few exceptions like equipment, Chessable, ChessBase, GingerGM, merchandise, etc).

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Sound Attacking Chess Opening Theory for White

No matter your style of play, you will find exceptional coverage of an opening to fit you. Along with the necessary chess opening theory, you will get to see these chess openings in action. 

GM Damian Lemos will share many exciting chess games showing the specific positions you can expect to reach and how to play them. Included with each course is a PGN file so you can study these games at your own pace. 

If you’re looking to shake things up right from the start, then the Deep Dive King’s Gambit is for you. GM Damian Lemos teaches you all you need to know to play this gambit with confidence when Black accepts or declines the gambit.

Positional players will find many Deep Dive courses to their liking. Choose from the Double Fianchetto, Larsen’s Opening (1.b3), and English Opening.

Did you know that Bent Larsen scored an incredible 35W 6D 6L with 1.b3? GM Lemos added a modern twist to this chess opening theory by looking at how Nakamura and Karjakin played the opening. 

You will also learn Bobby Fischer’s bait-and-switch tactic to attack along the g-file if Black blocks the diagonal with …e5 and …f6.

No opening series would be complete without covering the Queen’s Gambit. During Black Friday week, you can get the entire two-volume course, 12+ hours, for only $24!

Robot Tower GDN - save big on courses teaching chess opening theory, middlegame skills and essential endgame techniques.

Winning Chess Opening Theory for Black

…d5 is crucial for Black to equalize in many openings and is especially effective against 1.e4. That’s what makes the Scandinavian Defense so effective for Black. 

Instead of waiting for twenty moves to play it, you play …d5 on move 1.

Learning the correct move order will get Black free development and rapid attacks without compromising space or king safety.

Another fighting defense covered in the Deep Dive series is Alekhine’s Defense. When White attacks with pieces, you go toe-to-toe and counter-sacrifice material to open lines against White’s king.

Learn the devastating attack played by Mamedyarov and use it to score many victories in your games.

Other defenses covered in the Deep Dive Series include such classics as the Sicilian Taimanov, King’s Indian Defense, French Defense, and Pirc Defense. 

Robot Tower GDN - save big on courses teaching chess opening theory, middlegame skills and essential endgame techniques.

Final Thoughts

Cut through the massive amount of chess opening theory available today, by making use of GM Damian Lemos’ opening knowledge. Create a grandmaster chess opening repertoire and reach middlegame positions you can play with ease.

Thanks to Black Friday week at, you can get several hours of chess opening training, covering the theory and strategies, for as little as $18! Less than the cost of a chess opening book.

Remember, the opening is only one phase of the game which is why the Black Friday week-long sale includes a 70% discount on all our chess courses! No minimum purchase and no coupon code are needed!

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