Boden’s Mate – Chess Checkmate Patterns

We keep going with the checkmate patterns and next up is the Boden’s mate.

Boden’s Mate is a checkmating pattern in chess characterized by bishops on two criss-crossing diagonals (for example, bishops on a6 and f4 delivering mate to a king on c8), with possible flight squares for the king being occupied by friendly pieces. Most often the checkmated king has castled queenside, and is mated on c8 or c1. Many variants on the mate are seen, for example a king on e8 checkmated by bishops on g6 and a3, and a king on f1 checkmated by bishops on h3 and b6. Often the mate is immediately preceded by a sacrifice that opens up the diagonal on which the bishop delivers checkmate.

The mate is named for Samuel Boden, who played a famous early example of it in Schulder–Boden, London 1853.


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