Boleslavsky Pawn Structure – Introduction | Chess Course

♟️ Study the complete course “Boleslavsky Pawn Structures” –

This is the introduction video to the RCA chess course “Boleslavsky Pawn Structure” by GM Igor Smirnov.

In this video, GM Igor Smirnov introduces you to the Boleslavsky pawn structure, a structure that arises in all kind of openings and defenses, so that you may be able to play it either from the White side or from the Black side. Also, you will learn universal principles to improve further your positional understanding of chess.

It can be seen in many variations from the Sicilian, but also in the Nimzowitsch Defense, Pirc, King’s Indian Defense, Scandinavian Defense and even in the English opening, just to mention a few.

Studying pawn structures is more fruitful than memorizing opening moves. This course teaches you deeply different ideas, maneuvering of pieces and both sides’ plans in one of the most played structures nowadays. The Boleslavsky Structure is present in countless defense and opening variations. This is NOT a course about an opening.

In addition, when you study this structure, you will see universal strategic ideas which will improve your chess understanding: Everything you learn about planning and strategic play will always make your life easier!

♟️ Study the complete course “Boleslavsky Pawn Structures” –

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