Carlsen vs Duda: FIDE World Cup Semifinals | Hosts: GMs Naroditsky and Hou Yifan


What is the Peak State of Flow Like?

What would it be like to achieve the peak state of ‘flow’? Have you done it yet? Do you desire it extra constantly?

Online Brain Puzzles For Developing Your Mind

Mind is the supreme head of all human task as well as any kind of malfunction of the mind can fall your typical life. The mind is a network facility of receiving outside stimulation, translating the information received as well as keeping it for later reference/posterity. And also the brain requires to be constantly fed with constructive work/task for superior efficiency.

How to Discipline Your Mind

It is wisely claimed that a man is however the product of his thoughts. What he believes, he ends up being. Yet our mind is full of numerous thoughts of which we appear to have no control.

I Think, Therefore I Am

Your mind is a conglomeration of thoughts and also memories, in itself, it does not exist. A mind is like a dustball, the round itself is only a collection of dirt held together by static power. Get rid of each specification of dust and also what is left? Absolutely nothing.

Memes As Creative Mind Prods

A meme is an idea or nugget of info that can be reproduced in your very own mind as well as shown to others through viral spreading. An emerging meme, having ruptured on the scene as well as established itself as the new norm, currently ends up being the reference factor where cultures as well as firms start their believed processes in regard to that issue as well as from which they are prodded to take action.

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