Carlsen vs Giri: Shamkir Chess – Game of the Year 2019?

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Anish Giri has always been an Achilles heel for Magnus Carlsen. In the total of 35 games between Carlsen and Giri, Carlsen has won 7, drawn 23, and lost 5 (all formats). The Gashimov Memorial (2019), also called as Shamkir Chess 2019, ran from 30 March to 9 April. This 6th edition of the tournament was a 10-player single round-robin held in memory of Vugar Gashimov. And, Carlsen won the event for the 4th time, with 7.0/9 points and a 2991 rating performance.

In this process, he defeated his Twitter arch-enemy Anish Giri in the 7th round to take the sole lead. It was a rather flashy win; and there’s a speculation that this game is the Game of the Year 2019. And why have we chosen this video? Well, we couldn’t find a better game (and most recent) than the game played by the World Champion himself, to illustrate the power of piece coordination. In this video, the RCA Academy Manager, Aggelos Kesaris, is presenting a very beautiful and instructive analysis of this game.

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