Carlsen vs So: The World Champion breaks the rules and… creates a masterpiece!

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In this video, we will take a look at the game between the World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So played in the Tata Steel Chess Masters tournament in the year 2018, where Carlsen broke almost all the classical chess rules and played almost like a total beginner, and yet managed to create something really interesting. 

For instance, Carlsen moved the same piece twice in the opening stage, moved his king therefore lost the right to castle, and when his king was in the center of the board he pushed his central pawn to e4 with the intention of breaking the center! In the end, Carlsen arrived at an endgame position where he had 4 pawns for a bishop with both players having a rook. And as we all know, Carlsen is a brilliant endgame player and he won the game easily. 

Watch the instructive video analysis of this game now presented by GM Igor Smirnov! 

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