Chess Beauty Medley

In celebration of my birthday, I thought of making this chess beauty/paradox medley video. I took some beautiful things we like and love about chess.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Combo beauty Lasker-Thomas
02:00 Simplicity is King – The Reti Study
04:08 A fortress paradox
05:20 Ortueta – Sanz
08:05 Unexpected only moves
09:19 Piece on the most attacked square
10:14 Short’s King Walk
11:28 Amusing Fortress
12:57 Hazai’s amazing Queen sac fortress
14:51 Openings and opening preparation
17:35 The Two Knight paradox
18:32 Subtraction by addition?
19:11 A silly puzzle to end it on

Check out Outray Chess – When the King runs for a funny take on Lasker-Thomas

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Yoga Your Life Up

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Zen Paradox

Zen is the procedure of seeking for the ultimate standing of mind. It is the mind standing awakened. It is comparable or at the very least comparable to Surprise. The mind is complimentary from all evils. One of the training methods to reach this standing, Zen people use paradox discussion. They go over looks-like-contradiction issues and try to locate the universal fact. The author, an expert of cross-cultural exchange, will take a reader to the Zen globe of paradox conversation.

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Zen Story

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