Chess Master Attempts To Get My Number

This young chess master already swindled Andrea and got her number in one of our previos videos ( Can he now do the same with Alexandra?
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How the Mind Works – The Truth About the Fiction of Reality

There is an objective reality yet we can not see it. All that we can realize is our own understanding of that reality as well as that understanding differs with each individual.

The Power of Mind Mapping

Wish to assume like the brilliant of our Period? Learn just how to make use of both sides of your mind. It’s called mind mapping.

Directing Your Brain With No Pain – Quit Yer Bellyaching!

Have you seen this tee shirt for fishermen? “If a guy talks mixed-up where no female can listen to, is he still incorrect?” Ha! It’s a variation on the old Zen puzzle, yet describes our human tendency to discover mistake. Allow me inform you a story about where the idea appeared in a slightly different method …

The Theory of Mind Over Matter

Strictly speaking, the theory of mind over issue isn’t absolutely correct. Words ‘theory’ posits supposition and mind over matter is method past the speculative stage. Nevertheless, there are still those who like to continue to be on the purely physical airplane, refusing to believe that the mind is separate from the mind and also that while the last acts like a valuable computer system, it definitely has no power over our bodies, as well as most absolutely no influence on our fates.

Change Your Mind – It’s Your Prerogative!

Many people intend to make some kind of adjustment in their lives to aid themselves or to assist others. They intend to attain a preferred objective that will certainly make a difference – huge or tiny. Making adjustments in our habit-driven lives can be challenging … but possible. Everything begin with the top!

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