Chess Opening: Nimzo-Indian Defense Samisch Variation

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This is the first chapter from the Remote Chess Academy’s course “How to Play the Nimzo with Doubled Pawns” by GM Robert Hungaski. In this lesson, he talks about the Samisch Variation in the Nimzo-Indian defense after the following moves: 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.a3 Bxc3+ 5.bxc3. This is a direct approach in which we get a doubled pawn structure.

This is the first critical moment, where Black must decide how to treat those doubled pawns of White. There are about 3-4 ways how Black can continue here to exploit the pawn weakness. Black can either go for an immediate attack on the doubled pawns or go to attack them later. Watch and learn the aggressive approach for Black in this variation.

🤔 Why this course? 👇

The Nimzo Indian Defense is one of the most valuable openings to learn. You are not learning just an opening. The Nimzo teaches you true chess strategy! But beware, because this course is not for passive players. Both quiet and aggressive players can find here enough to learn for playing the Nimzo with doubled pawns and with both colors in any style.

🤔 What can you learn from the course? 👇

✔️ It teaches you how to play with BOTH colours (White and Black)
✔️ It is NOT about memorizing but mastering several main ideas in the Nimzo
✔️ It teaches not only ideas in the Nimzo, but recurring methods on how to play with and against doubled pawns, hence IMPROVING YOUR STRATEGIC UNDERSTANDING
✔️ It is designed for BOTH quiet and aggressive players, as it covers how to approach this pawn structure in different playing styles
✔️ It deals with important attacking and defensive ideas, including how to play with an uncastled king

💡 Study the complete course “How to Play the Nimzo with Doubled Pawns”. Get 40% OFF (till 23 February) –

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