Chess Opening Trainer and Endgames as Well

Thanks to Aimchess’ chess opening trainer and endgame trainer, you can start and end your games strongly. Jose Raul Capablanca, the fifth World Chess Champion, said, “To improve at chess, you should in the first instance study the endgame.”

Any player hoping to improve would do well to follow this advice. However, to reach the endgame, you must first make it safely through the opening.

All the endgame knowledge in the world won’t help you if you lose in the opening or middlegame. Fortunately, at Aimchess, there are trainers to help you improve in all three phases of the game.

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Getting off to a Good Start

One of the best things about Aimchess is that it uses your own games to help you improve. This means you will learn things you can apply in your games immediately.

There is no more wondering when or even if you will get to apply what you are learning. Because the opening trainer is using your games to help you improve, you will study openings that you currently play.

Another helpful feature is that you get to see how much your position would have improved if you had found the correct move. We all overlook opportunities early in the game, but thanks to the help you get from the chess opening trainer at Aimchess, the number of times you miss something will decrease.

The chess opening trainer at uses your games to help you improve this important phase of the game.

If you find your openings are not bringing you the results you want and you are struggling to reach a playable middlegame position with white, switching to the Colle System might help. This opening is light on theory but big on attacking opportunities at the club and lower levels.

The chess opening trainer at Aimchess will be an invaluable assistant as you start to incorporate this new opening into your games as it will constantly monitor your games and point out improvements.

Of course, there are many more training apps at Aimchess, and you are sure to improve your play in the middlegames arising from your new opening.  

The Colle System was named after the Belgian chess Master Edgar Colle. His game against Delvaux shows us a thematic attacking plan in this chess opening.

Edgar Colle – Jules Joseph Ghislain Delvaux, 1929, 1-0, Ghent BEL

Master the Endgame and End Your Games Well

The chess opening trainer is an excellent app, but so are the endgame trainer and many others available at Aimchess.

You will know from experience that many players make a point of working on the opening. Obtaining an advantage in the opening is extremely difficult, but if you switch your focus to the area others neglect, outplaying them becomes easier.

The one phase of the game generally regarded as most often neglected is the endgame.

By working with the Aimchess endgame trainer app, you will gain an edge in the one phase of the game most of your opponents are weakest. The Aimchess endgame trainer will display your progress as a rating as you work through the exercises.

As you improve, you will find the endgames get more challenging, so you don’t need to work through lots of easy exercises and risk getting bored. Chess attracts people because it is tough, and learning the endgame is challenging, but the Aimchess endgame trainer makes learning endgames fun.

Endgame Trainer app

There are exercises for all levels, which only become more complex as your rating improves.

Endgames are tricky, but knowing how to play them well can help you draw a game down a minor piece or even snatch a victory after a middlegame blunder.

Time spent working with the Aimchess endgame trainer app is time well-spent.

In Conclusion

The chess opening trainer and endgame trainer apps, like all Aimchess training tools, are excellent and adapt to your playing strength. Using your games to customize a training program for you means all that you learn you can use today.

Today we are fortunate to live in an age where technology can help us improve rapidly. The amount of chess information is staggering and can be overwhelming.

Thanks to the technology at Aimchess, you do not have to try to sift through it all. You can stay focused on the training material that will best help you.

Head on over to Aimchess now an put their technology to the test!

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