Chess Puzzle Blitz (Mobile App) – Redesign Game Walkthrough

♕ Chess Puzzle Blitz app for iOS and Android –

Chess Puzzle Blitz is a competition chess mobile app where you, your friends, anyone online, can challenge each other to games of chess puzzles. With this app, you can improve your chess game with competitive chess puzzle solving. It lets you compete with friends and strangers solving chess puzzles. Its puzzles range from mates in 1 and more, to chess tactics.

How does it work?

Basically, you will get a set of 10 puzzles and you will try to complete them as fast and as accurately as possible, so you get bonuses for both speed and time. As you do so, you get more points. Also, as you keep solving puzzles, you can get to the top of the league.

Additionally, one cool thing about the app is that you can also play for cash. You can invite your friend(s), and let’s say you both put 50 cents each for a challenge, and if you win the challenge, you will win a dollar!

Key Features

⭐ Play head to head with other chess masters in the making today.
⭐ You’re matched with players of similar skills.
⭐ Compete with other chess players for cash with Skillz.
⭐ Watch leaderboards for rising stars, earn trophies for epic play and get rewarded for playing with Skillz’s loyalty program.

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