Chess Tactics – Deflection

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This is one of the video lessons from the chess course “Winning Tactical Patterns” itself, Deflection. Deflection is one of the chess tactics where we force our opponent to move a piece from its square so that it allows us to deliver a strong attack or even checkmate. It is usually a combination of moves, where the deflected piece is critical to our opponent’s defense.

But most chess players go wrong in the order of moves, i.e. in getting the combination right. When it comes to deflecting a piece, you have to be careful about the move order, so that you literally FORCE your opponent to make the moves you want. If the moves are not forcing, you may not be able to successfully deflect your opponent’s key defender.

🤔 What can you learn from the course? 👇

Tactical patterns are present during the entire game. Recognizing them to spot winning ideas is your task. And this task has a machine way but, most importantly, a human way to be made! Yes, you will need to calculate, but tactics for humans is not just that…

This course will teach you the most important tactical ideas to win games but, especially, how they work among humans. This is all about tactics techniques and the psychology of winning tactics!

🤔 Why this course? 👇

Even, the very experienced players might miss very simple tactical ideas in certain situations, if their mindset is wrong and they’re thinking in the wrong direction. If you miss some important tactics, you could instantly lose the game or the victory could escape from your hands…

We wanted to create a course, not only to give the audience some general ideas about chess tactics, how to spot tactics and some tips about tactical motifs and so on; but we also wanted to show you what experience teaches us about the psychology of tactics.

We want to teach you in which type of positions your opponents are more likely to make tactical mistakes that you can try to take advantage of. Basically, we wanted to teach you the whole process of spotting opportunities by using tactical patterns and a tactical human thinking.

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