Chess Tournaments 2022: A Very Exciting Year

Are you looking forward to excellent chess tournaments in 2022? This year starts with the incredibly strong Tata Steel Masters, followed by the FIDE Grand Prix and a Candidates Tournament.

2022 Chess Tournaments The Year Ahead

Although these three chess tournaments are sure to provide chess of the highest quality, there are many more to enjoy in 2022. The Reykjavik Open is back, and in August, you can enjoy seeing the world’s top players compete in the British Open.

Magnus Carlsen and Anish Giri will renew their rivalry in one of the most prestigious chess tournaments of 2022 – Tata Steel. Take a look at this exciting game between two of the world’s best players.

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The Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2022

GM Fabiano Caruana
GM Fabiano Caruana will renew his rivalry against Magnus Carlsen in the Tata Steel Masters’ section.

One of the most prestigious events of the year, the Tata Steel Chess tournament 2022, will occur from January 14th until January 30th.

This year, twelve of the fourteen players in the Tata Steel Masters chess tournament are rated above 200 Elo. The other two are rated above 2600 Elo.

Included among these fourteen top players are two recent World Chess Championship challengers and the current World Chess Champion.

Sergei Karjakin and Fabiano Caruana are participating in this year’s Tata Steel. Caruana is the second seed with a rating of 2792 Elo. Following close behind Caruana are Giri, Mamedyarov, Rapport and Duda.

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2022 is truly an international chess tournament with the top eight players in the Masters’ division, representing eight countries.

There is a new tiebreak format for the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2022. If two or more players have the same number of points, they will all participate in the tiebreak to determine the winner.

However, no matter the outcome of the tiebreak, all players involved will get an equal share of the prize money.

The tiebreak is only to determine the winner. Thus, as soon as there is a winner, none of the other scheduled tiebreak games will get played.

You can follow the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2022 live at

FIDE Grand Prix Chess Tournament

World Championship Candidates 2016: Chess Tactics
Sergey Karjakin will participate in three prestigious chess tournaments in 2022 – Tata Steel Masters, FIDE Grand Prix, and the Candidates Tournament.

Four days after the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2022 ends, the first leg of the FIDE Grand Prix starts on February 3rd. The FIDE Grand Prix comprises three legs, each lasting two weeks.

Two of the three legs will be played in Berlin, Germany, while the third leg will be held in Belgrade, Serbia.

The first leg runs from February 3rd to 17th, the second from February 28th to March 14th, and the third leg from March 21st to April 4th.

Twenty-four players will participate in the events, each taking part in two of the three events.

Once again, Fabiano Caruana and Sergey Karjakin will participate in this chess tournament, along with Alireza Firouzja. Magnus Carlsen has gone on record saying he is considering opting out of next year’s World Chess Championship if Firouzja isn’t the challenger.

The 2022 FIDE Grand Prix will allow two players to qualify for the Candidates Chess Tournament.

Candidates Tournament 2022

The Candidates Tournament is where the greatest chess players, past and present, have been revealed.

This year there are two critical questions for the Candidates Tournament to answer:

magnus carlsen
Magnus Carlsen has said he might withdraw from the World Chess Championship depending on who wins the Candidates Tournament.
  1. Who will challenge for the World Chess Championship?
  2. Will they be challenging Magnus Carlsen?

Six of the eight participants in this year’s Candidates Tournament are last year’s challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi, Fabiano Caruana, Sergey Karjakin, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Teimour Radjabov, and Alireza Firouzja. The FIDE Grand Prix chess tournament will determine the final two participants.

The Candidates Tournament will occur in Madrid, Spain, from June 16th until July 7th.

Magnus Carlsen has gone on record as saying due to a lack of motivation, he might withdraw from the championship circuit. 

Carlsen’s withdrawal from the championship circuit will lead to many questions about the validity of the title in the absence of the world’s strongest player.

The stage is set for a very intriguing Candidates Tournament, and we will have to wait until July before our questions about the 2023 World Chess Championship Match get answered.

Women’s Chess Tournaments

Shenzhen Fide Women Chess Grand Prix 2011
Ju Wenjun will defend her Women’s World Chess Championship crown in 2022.

The men aren’t the only ones playing a Candidates Tournament. Unlike the men, the winner of the Women’s Candidate Final will not have to wait to play for the Women’s World Chess Championship.

The Women’s Candidates Tournament takes place in the first half of the year, with the winner playing Ju Wenjun later in the year for the Women’s World Chess Championship.

This year the eight players participating in the Women’s Candidates Tournament are Aleksandra Goryachkina, Koneru Humpy, Kateryna Lagno, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Tan Zhongyi, Anna Muzychuk, Lei Tingjie, and Maria Muzychuk.

From August 20th – 31st, Prague will host the European Women’s Chess Championship.

A second European Women’s chess tournament takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine, from October 23rd – 26th. This chess tournament is the European Women’s Rapid and Blitz chess tournament.

World Youth Chess Tournaments 2022

Many of the world’s up-and-coming top chess players will have a busy year too. There’s lots to play for in youth chess tournaments this year.

The first World Youth chess tournament takes place at the end of April. Greece will host the World Youth Rapid and Blitz Championship (U8 – U18) from April 30th until May 4th.

The strongest young chess players will play in the World Youth (U14-18) in Mamaia, Romania, from September 5th – 18th. Unlike the last two years, this year will feature over-the-board games.

Notable Chess Tournaments on the 2022 Calendar

When it comes to watching chess tournaments live with expert analysis one of the best places to watch is at


14th – 30th Tata Steel


3rd-17th Grand Prix leg 1

19th-27nd Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 1 (

February 28th – March 14th Grand Prix leg 2


March 3rd – June 19th Chess Bundesliga – pushed back from January over Coronavirus concerns.

19th-27th Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 2 (chess24)

March 21st – April 4th: Grand Prix leg 3


6th-12th Reykjavik Open, Reykjavik Iceland

20th-28th Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 3 (chess24)

April 30th – May 4th World Youth Rapid and Blitz Championship Greece

Under 8, U10, U12, U14, U16, and U18.


1st – 10th Russian Team Championships, Sochi Russia

18th-26th Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 4 (chess24)

May 30th – June 11th Norway Chess


June 16th – July 7th Candidates


TBA Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 5 (chess24)

July 26th – August 8th World Chess Olympiad Moscow Russia


TBA Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 6 (chess24)

August 13-21 British Open Torquay England

August 20-31 European Women’s Chess Championship, Prague, Czech Republic


1st-5th Sinquefield Cup, St. Louis, USA

5th-18th World Youth U14, U16, U18

10th-25th Asian Games, Hangzhou China

10th-25th Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 7


2nd-10th European Chess Club Cup Mayrhofen, Austria

14th-22nd Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 8 (chess24)

20th-30th World Amateur Championship Malta.

23rd-26th European Women’s Rapid and Blitz Championship Kyiv Ukraine


11th-20th Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 9 (chess24)

15th – 28th World Senior Championship Assisi Italy

In Conclusion

Shortly after the candidates’ tournament ends, Moscow will host the 44th Chess Olympiad. Hosting this chess tournament will make Moscow the first city to host three Chess Olympiads.

And if you think you’re too old for chess, you can take inspiration from the World Senior Championship held in Assisi, Italy, from November 15th – 28th. Yes, even if you aren’t a teenager, you can play in competitive chess tournaments.

There are many excellent chess tournaments taking place in 2022. Chess players of all ages are sure to find lots of enjoyment and many inspirational chess games from watching the world’s best players.

Whether or not you plan on playing in chess tournaments this year, improving your tactics and calculations is going to help you win more chess games.

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