Chessable Roundup – May 2023

With so much going on at Chessable, we want to make sure you’re up to the minute on all the latest happenings – whether that be site improvements, the latest and greatest courses, or anything else.

That’s why we are launching the Chessable Roundup blog – a new monthly blog post aimed at making sure you don’t miss out on all the exciting news at Chessable.

For example, we’ve recently launched a new wave of platform improvements, known as Chessable 3.0.

That’s not all that’s new; new courses continue to be published every week. With an ever-expanding catalog, we’d like to keep you up to speed on some of the newest and most intriguing courses on the platform.

Check it out:

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Chessable has recently released several new features on the platform, and we’re calling this new wave of features Chessable 3.0.

There’s a lot going on with Chessable 3.0, including special features for PRO Members, Offline Mode, Priority Lines, and Puzzle Connect.

You can read all about the improvements Chessable 3.0 has brought to the platform here.

In this exclusive interview, the Chessable team cruises around New York City with IM Levy Rozman, a.k.a. Gotham Chess.

The International Master is perhaps the most recognizable online chess persona, with a YouTube channel of more than 3 million subscribers, he’s often referred to as the Internet’s chess teacher.

He talks about how he first got into the game, what motivates him when recording, and how he sees himself.

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The interview comes off the back of his first course for Chessable, The GothamChess 1. e4 Repertoire. The course, one of the most highly anticipated ever, is an aggressive King’s Pawn repertoire that features openings that often fly under the radar – yet ones that are capable of defeating Grandmasters.

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Check out the interview on YouTube.

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Chessable users not only make the site what it is due to your support of our courses, but many of you also contribute to creating courses yourselves.

As such, we’re celebrating all community authors by holding a sale on all community courses, running through next Monday.

The latest courses to hit Chessable:

By GM Sam Shankland

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The first part to Grandmaster Sam Shankland’s Neo-Catalan courses taught players how to combat all 1.d4-related defenses for Black.

Lifetime Repertoires: Neo-Catalan: Part 2 equips players with powerful, fresh strategies to conquer the Symmetrical English. There are fighting plans in here that will benefit every English player against 1…c5, no matter what setup you choose.

By GM Niclas Huschenbeth

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While it’s true that there are a lot of 1.e4 repertoires out there, even ones geared towards beginners, this one hits a bit different.

The recommendations inside Winning with 1.e4 – The Ultimate Repertoire for Beginners are statistically proven to sink opposition rated below 2000.

In creating this course, GM Huschenbeth peered into the stats of over 2 billion online games by players rated 2000 and lower. From his findings, he identified trends and handpicked variations proven by data to score way better for White.

By FM Kamil Plichta

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If you enjoy playing in charged, chaotic positions where everything is thrown into a whirlwind, than this 1.d4 repertoire just might be for you.

Lifetime Repertoires: Plichta’s Trompowsky teaches you an opening played in only 4% of games. Black will be tested from the get-go, and you will place immediate psychological pressure on them.

While the opening is a bit crazy for both sides, the difference is you will be prepared on how to handle it.

By IM Andras Toth

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Coach Andras is another well-known chess figure from his streams and his YouTube channel. He’s also very well known and respected at Chessable with over 10 courses to his name, not to mention being crowned 2021 Chessable Author of the Year.

One series of courses that has been particularly successful is his Beginner’s Repertoire series, where he teaches straightforward repertoires for White and Black The series keeps memorization to a minimum with thoughtful, detailed instruction suitable for both beginners and club players.

Now he’s returned with the series with The Beginner’s Black Repertoire: 1.d4 d5, an aggressive, solid, and simple way to fight against not only the Queen’s Pawn Game but also 1.c4 and 1.Nf3 as well.

It’s the swan song of this series. If you’d like to pick up a complete beginner’s opening repertoire, this would be a great option.

By FM Midas Ratsma

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Many beginner players would like to get out of the beginner phase and improve their game. They’re often told that tactics are the best way to do this, but they are seldom told how to study tactics effectively.

That’s where FIDE Masters Midas Ratsma and Mees van Osch step in with their latest course, Beginner’s Guide to Chess Tactics.

It’s a systematic manual for chess improvement that’s guaranteed to make you a healthier player.

That’s a wrap for this month’s Roundup. We hope you’ve enjoyed the summary of new courses to hit the platform.

Be sure to stay tuned next month for a summary of what’s new on Chessable.

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