Craziest game of chess you’ve never seen! | Ni Hua vs Le Quang Liem | Asian Continental 2012

An absolutely crazy game featuring heavy complications and one of the nicest combinations you’ll ever see!

This game of chess was played between the Chinese Grandmaster Ni Hua and the Vietnamese #1 Le Quang Liem who is a former World Blitz Champion. They were both at or around the 2700 rating mark when the game was played.


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Values – What Do They Mean to Your Business

Worths influence what happens in our life. This post will certainly reveal you exactly how to evoke your worths, understand them as well as change them if you require to. It’ll likewise help you comprehend just how other individuals worths impact you and also your own influence them.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset Will Make You Wealthy

A lot of people still believe that building an effective business depends just on tools or money and also overlook the entrepreneurial mindset. That’s why 3% of individuals make more money than the other 97 % people in the world. To get the outcomes you want in company, the first action is to establish a brand-new set of ideas, mindsets as well as behaviors that can support you in this trip.

Mindset Development Tips

We can attain a great deal of excellent points in this life as well as be whatever we select to be with the proper attitude growth. Human beings are beings produced for two points: evolution or involution. It’s actually that simple: either we expand as well as explore our possible or we will certainly decrease.

3 Mind Control Tricks To Make Sure You’re Always The Controller

If you have an interest in mind control then without a doubt one of one of the most reliable mind control techniques that you need to recognize is just how to be the alpha in any social dynamic. Being the alpha is among the mind control methods that all begins with the behaviors which you are sub-communicating.

The Secret To Using Mind Control Techniques To Control Almost Anyone

Mind control methods have actually been utilized for years to control people and to control the masses. The point is, a great deal of times we just have no idea that mind control is being made use of on us.

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