Crazy material imbalances AND Four Queens! || Duda vs Dubov || Opera Euro Rapid – Preliminaries

One of the more crazier games of the preliminaries! Duda sacrifices two pieces for an attack before getting a rook for a bishop resulting in the unusual material imbalance of 3 pieces for a rook and 4 pawns!

Later in the game we have a pawn race and four Queens on the board. Obviously the game wasn’t without drama and it had swings in evaluation for sure!

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen & 15 more elite players compete in the Opera Euro Rapid, the 3rd event on the $1.5 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour.

Magnus Carlsen, Ding Liren, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Levon Aronian, Alexander Grischuk, Wesley So, Anish Giri, Maxime Vachier Lagrave, Teimour Radjabov, Lenier Dominguez Perez, Hikaru Nakamura, Jan Krzysztof Duda, Vidit Gujrathi, Daniil Dubov, Sam Shankland, and Matthias Bluebaum

The Opera Euro Rapid starts on Saturday, February 6th, and will conclude on Sunday, February 14th which is also on Valentine’s day! Once again there’s a 3-day preliminary round-robin stage of rapid chess (15+10) before the top 8 players advance to the knockout stage. The knockout stage is exactly like the previous events in this tour where each match is played over two days, with four rapid games each day. If the match score is tied 1-1 after the second day, the players will then play two 5+3 blitz games followed by, if needed – Armageddon.

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