Deadliest Chess Opening Trap to WIN Fast! | Checkmate in 10 Moves

Learn the deadliest opening trap that got grandmasters checkmated in 10 moves!

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will teach you the deadliest chess opening trap. You will see how top grandmasters (in over-the-board games) were checkmated in about 10 moves. Former world championship challenger Sergey Karjakin was one of the victims.

The good thing about this trap is that it is UNIVERSAL – you can apply this in several openings, because it has one common tactical, attacking pattern. Therefore, you need not memorize these moves or variations.

You just have to learn the KEY tactical pattern of sacrificing your knight and queen in the center to get rid of the opponent’s fianchettoed bishop, creating the dark-squared weakness. You then storm inside and checkmate the king with your bishop and knight.

► Chapters

00:00 Deadliest chess trap to beat GMs!
00:14 Remember the tactical pattern
00:29 Example-1: Scotch Game
01:31 Checkmate with bishop & knight
02:01 Example-2: English Opening
02:50 Sergey Karjakin got trapped!
03:58 Example-3: Closed Sicilian
06:03 Example-4: Modern Defense
07:31 Example-5: Three Knights Game

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