Decline the Opponent’s Sacrifice – Make a Counter-Sacrifice

💡 This is a video lesson from the RCA chess course “How to Find Positional Chess Sacrifices” –

Get the complete course “How to Find Positional Chess Sacrifices” and learn the different types of positional sacrifices, one of them being the positional exchange sacrifice –

We know that sacrifices are made in order to get some advantage – either immediate, material advantage or checkmate, and positional advantage, which is not served immediately. But there can be some situations where you have to decline your opponent’s sacrifice or make a counter-sacrifice in order to defuse your opponent’s initiative.

It is always easier to be on the attacking side when you are sacrificing material, but there is also a defensive type of sacrifice, where one side sacrifices some material back to relieve himself/herself from the pressure made by the opponent who sacrificed some material in the first place.

This is a very advanced topic and a strong strategy that seldom occurs in the games of beginners/intermediates. Learn this powerful strategy now from the eighth lesson from the course “How to Find Positional Chess Sacrifices” by IM Asaf Givon.

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