Diagnosing a 1200 | Diagnose Your Chess: Ep. 4 – Danny Cao

Diagnose Your Chess is a brand new show where IM Kostya Kavutskiy will work with a different student every week, assessing their strengths and weaknesses while breaking down their recent games. At the end of the lesson Kostya and his student will form a training plan, with the goal of checking back in after a few months.

Episode 4 features Danny Cao, a 50-year-old rated about 1200 in online chess.

0:00 – Intro/training discussion
11:06 – Game 1: Slav Defense (W)
27:20 – Game 2: Caro-Kann Defense (B)
53:04 – Game 3: Grunfeld Defense (W)
1:03:03 – Game 4: Advance Caro (B)
1:22:00 – Game 5: London System
1:23:39 – Diagnosis/Recommendations

New episodes of Diagnose Your Chess are streamed live every Thursday 3:30 PM PST on twitch.tv/chess24

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