Diagnosing Viewers #2 | Diagnose Your Chess: Ep. 10

Diagnose Your Chess is a weekly show where IM Kostya Kavutskiy reviews viewer games and offers his candid analysis.

0:00 Intro
0:56 Game 1 – Could White have “converted” this?
14:17 Game 2 – Playing against higher-rated players
42:53 Game 3 – The Orangutan
55:07 Game 4 – f3+a3 Nimzo
11:13 Game 5 – Bogo-Indian

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Know Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are there for the function of providing you guidance in living your life to the maximum. We are have or can have a spirit guide if we choose. Spirit guides are commonly described as guardians or angels. If you think that you do have a spirit overview, but the details you get is much less after that beneficial, the spirit overview is most likely another thing. There are a number of different kinds of spirit overviews people have.

Lucid Dream Benefits, History and Types

When one has a lucid desire, in the a lot of fundamental term implies they realize that they are having a dream. The scientific reputation of a lucid desire is well established as well as a person can have a lucid dream in two different methods. The initial is when a person is having a dream and also they realise that they are having it.

Powers of the Mind Left Behind

The mind as well as its power has actually been a subject to several discussions along the centuries. Some held the conviction that the mind has powers we do not understand how to use, others claim the mind is just a complex recording maker that just build up information from our life experiences as well as have a tendency to mix these experiences in an imaginary state of feelings as well as ideas that are unreal and have a little significance in its applications.

Lucid Dreams, Spinning

One discouraging fact about lucid dreams is people wake up faster after that they desire from the lucid dreams. There are things that can be done to keep you in the lucid dreams. The easiest is to check out your feet or hands while having lucid dreams.

Process of Skill Improvement

Were you dispirited because of you are not making any progress in skill or ability development? You might remain in a downturn. Depression is a horrible time when you can not see or feel any kind of progress, change, or renovation of your ability. Do not quit making an initiative for training. One will reach the next higher level soon or later, if one does not quit. One needs to stoop low to leap high.

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