English Opening 1.c4 – Ideas for 3 Typical Responses of Black

📥 Download the PGN of this opening from this blog-post – https://bit.ly/2z3XwMc

In this video lesson, you will learn about a chess opening for White – the English Opening; it starts with the first move 1.c4. If you are that kind of player who doesn’t like memorizing a bunch of theoretical variations and theory moves until move 20, then the English Opening is the one you are looking for.

Another advantage of this opening is that your opponents don’t see it as often as the popular chess openings that arise after the familiar 1.d4 or 1.e4. That gives you an edge because they will be surprised by this opening and might not be prepared for it.

In the following video lesson, the RCA guest coach FM Coto Mederos will explain to you the 3 most common responses of Black after 1.c4. They are: 1…e5, the symmetrical 1…c5, and finally 1…Nf6 followed by the fianchetto setup like the Indian defense.

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Brainwave Entrainment: Is Anxiety Making You Vomit?

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