FIDE WORLD CUP R4 | Carlsen, Grischuk, Andreikin | Hosts: IM Rensch and GM Hou Yifan | !format

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Your Subconscious Mind & Its Hidden Secrets

Are your failures in life totally rotten luck? The perpetrator can be what you are not aware of …

Harness Your Mind Power and Change Your Life – The Facts About Your Mind

Take advantage of the power of you mind and produce a much better future. The mind is interesting. Emphasis and intent equates to large change.

Mind Power – Benefits of Unlocking Mind Power

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Think Big, Think Abundance, and See What Happens

Check out you. Do you see wealth? Or do you see absence? If you see lack – cash is lacking, great paying job is lacking, health is lacking, friends are doing not have, top quality time with family is lacking, motivation is doing not have, satisfaction is doing not have … then most likely you are assuming tiny, believing lack.

The Law of Attraction, the Law of Direction and Me, Crying in the Wilderness!

Let’s assume for the minute that you’re making a hundred thousand a month, you possess an estate in the country as well as an apartment or condo in Manhattan. You own a large limo, licensed operator driven certainly, a trophy other half as well as a French housemaid. Yes, why not. Allow’s go the whole hog! Oh, as well as a personal aeroplane. Penalty. Now what? As well as I do not suggest that! I can hear you believing those rowdy ideas!

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