Fischer shows how to grab the INITIATIVE | Sensing the moment in a chess game

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This is the first chapter “Sensing the Moment” from the course “The Initiative Masterclass” by IM Bence Szabo. From this you’ll learn the importance of initiative in a chess game and how to sense the ‘moments’ during a chess game where you have to look for something and grab the initiative.

IM Szabo explains this with a couple of interesting games – one played between Paul Keres and Mikhail Botvinnik, and the other between Donald Byrne and Bobby Fischer. The latter is also popularly known as the “Game of the Century” played in 1956, when Fischer was just 13-years old.

► Chapters

00:00 Intro to sensing the moment
00:19 How to sense moments in a practical game?
02:44 Game-1: Keres vs Botvinnik
06:17 It’s all about playing actively
08:30 Find the best move
11:29 Black is dominating with the initiative!
16:30 Don’t give your opponent time to relax
20:43 Game-2: Byrne vs Fischer
25:22 Fischer sensed the moment & grabbed the initiative
29:28 Fischer keeps the initiative alive
33:02 Can you find the mind-blowing tactics?
36:24 Summary: Tips to takeaway 

📗 Summary

1. Don’t be creative when you are undeveloped and your king is in the center.
2. Tempo moves centralizing pieces are the first you should examine.

🤔 Why this course? 👇

Much like in boxing, chess is not about going into a wild fit of attacking blows or covering your head while cowering in a corner.

👉 It’s about CONTROL.
👉 It’s about not letting your opponent breathe for a second…
👉 It’s about making every move build to consistent threats.
👉 It’s less about prophylaxis but more about paralysis.

It’s called taking the initiative where you call the shots and your opponent passively responds to them.

This course is here to teach you exactly that —starting from how to sense the “moment” to trading material for development. The author goes through some of the best games by the most aggressive players in chess history, and dissects them move by move to find out the key factors behind a great initiative.

💡 Study the complete course “The Initiative Masterclass”. Use coupon “init50” and get 50% OFF (till 21 Aug) –

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