Flank Attack in the French Defense Tarrasch Variation!

📥 Download the PGN of this game – http://bit.ly/2xDYmPj

The Tarrasch Variation in the French Defense is named after Siegbert Tarrasch. This move became particularly popular during the 1970s and early 1980s when Anatoly Karpov used it to great effect. Though less aggressive than the alternate 3.Nc3, it is still used by top-level players seeking a small, safe advantage.

In this video, the RCA guest coach IM Alexandru Banzea will show you one of his games played in this closed variation. He had a strong army of pawns in the center because of which he went for a direct flank/kingside attack without even castling, playing Rh3-Rg3 maneuver. Banzea also says that it was a ‘must-win’ game for him in that tournament, which made him go for this deadly attack.

He coordinated his pieces really well, included almost all of them in the attack, while his opponents pieces were locked on the center and on the queenside, failing to come for the defense on the kingside.

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