French Defence, Classical Steinitz Variation Edition

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement”
Bo Bennett (businessman)

I am going to admit it and say this is a variation I have not tried yet. It is a bit strange since I played the French defence as my main weapon against 1. e4 for a number of years. The truth is this looks like a fun variation and I should give it a try at the next opportunity. It all starts with 4. e5 … Given the pawn structure already established, the battle ground is clearly delimited: white will attack on the King side, while on Black will attack on the queenside.

If white wants to play it, it should be aware that three moves later Black could choose how it will attack from one of the four plans available:

  • 7… a6
  • 7… cxd4
  • 7… Be7
  • 7… Qb6

This week we are going to focus on how the game could lead into an exciting draw after 7… cxd4. Why would Black consider this plan? It is a tempting one because it clarifies the tension in the center and it could create unpleasant pressure along the dark squares. The b2-pawn becomes a target and Be3 needs to be protected. I hope you also like the 2 sample games I found and presented below as appetizer for this variation.

The first game shows an aggressive approach by white, not afraid to sacrifice material for achieving its goal:

The second game shows that White can also try a more positional approach:

Eugen Demian

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Valer Eugen Demian

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