Game of the Year 2020: Dubov vs Karjakin | Greatest Queen Sacrifice

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In this video lesson, the RCA guest coach IM Mat Kolosowski analyzes a game that was immediately named the “Game of the Year 2020”, and even “Game of the Decade” by some commentators. This is the game played between Daniil Dubov and Sergey Karjakin at the 73rd Russian Championship (Russian Superfinal) in the year 2020.

Many people also claimed that this was Dubov’s immortal game. Even though he is a very young grandmaster, they said that it is going to be very difficult to beat the quality and ferocious attack that he presented in this game.

One of the interesting highlights of this game is that Karjakin, master of defense and a very solid player, succumbed to the strong attack of Dubov, as the mesmerizing queen sacrifice by Dubov in the middlegame gave him the compensation of two minor pieces for a queen, and yet his decisive attack was inevitable.

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