GM Hikaru on 1900s: They Don’t Make Em Like They Used To

Tricks Only Speedrun Part 13 – This speedrun includes openings such as The Grob, Benko Gambit, Blackburne Shilling Gambit, Portuguese Gambit, Jerome Gambit, Englund Gambit and Nakhmanson Gambit, Benoni, Smith-Morra, Ponziani, Hippo, Portugese Gambit, Fried Liver, and Danish Gambit

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Accessing Infinite Intelligence For Guidance to Improve Our Quality of Life

Napoleon Hill states plainly that the subconscious mind is the linking channel in between the assuming mind of guy and the Infinite Knowledge. The source of manifesting our wishes, whatever they may be, is Infinite Knowledge. It is clear to me that there is this link between our minds and that of the metaphysical, spiritual realm, source power, God … the inquiry is, just how do we access it, improve it, tweak it so we can boost our lives?

Single-Mindedness – For a Better Life

True success comes from being single-minded – not on your goals and dreams – but single-minded on being focused in the here as well as currently – the only place and also time you have to go to your finest. If you exist, you develop your presence – the hallmark of absolutely successful individuals – and it you’ve got existence, you’ll reap the amazing advantages of remaining in “circulation” – what athletes call “being in the area”. Wish to know more?

Controlling Your Negative Mind

There are several means to enhance your internal self: some good, some poor. It is a known fact that in today’s culture many individuals look to medicines or alcohol to give them the confidence they do not have however under the impact of these habits, the bliss is brief lived and also the individuals quickly return back to their negative mind.

How to Boost Your Mind Power

Many people intend to improve their mind power. This is because mind power is essential for our well being and success in life.

Do Subliminal Messages Need More Work?

Subliminal messages are an usual motif in several films as well as TV programs. The major character drops off to sleep and after that suddenly he listens to subliminal messages. Strangely what he hears becomes a reality! The personality concerns his senses and afterwards realizes that he has actually predicted the future!

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