Hikaru Eats Salad Mid-Bullet Game

Hikaru Nakamura is so good at bullet chess he has time to eat a salad during the game.

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Easy Mind Trick – Pleasure Programming For Getting Things Done (Part 2)

Last write-up we spoke about just how to attach pleasant sensations to useful action steps to get points done. Currently we’re mosting likely to intensify this also additional as well as cover several super-useful ways to use it today.

‘Being-ness’ = ‘Having-ness’

In order to materialize anything in your life, among the greatest factors to fast understanding is to first Be or Feel (with true emotion) the method you would feel if you had that which you wanted. Visualization is also a good (as well as common) device to help you with this.

What is the Mental Game of War? Read On

Throughout our lifetimes our thoughts fill our lives as well as we feel like there’s never ever been a moment when we weren’t thinking. We are made to think that our ideas establish who we are so we identify ourselves with our minds. This is where we confuse ourselves.

Tips on How to Win Any War With Your Mind

Daily we pester ourselves with useless thoughts that do us more harm than excellent. We let ourselves think that there is no other way we can quit believing as thinking is one of our most crucial requirements.

Don’t Hoot I’m Studying!

One of the “luxuries” of residing in the country is the drive that I routinely obtain to do on course to Cape Community. Instead than curse at the 1.5 humans resources it requires to finish the trip, I have managed to turn it right into quality “me” time.

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