Hikaru’s Plays Agadmator Lichess Arena

Hikaru plays in the Agadmator Lichess CakeDeFi Christmas Arena and does rather well, until things go awry. Please use the chapters and skip along – this is unedited, you can watch it all and experience it as we did live, or you can skip to the better bits.

00:00 GFuel Plug #ad
00:45 Hikaru reviews the field
01:57 Hikaru states he knows what berzerking is (snort, chuckle…foreshadowing here)
02:30 Arena Starts (BIGTIME JEBAIT)
06:00 Lichess Crashes, REKT
08:15 Another Jebait
13:55 Hikaru plays a GAME!!
17:57 Hikaru plays penguingm1…on chess.com
20:50 Hikaru registers for the new Arena
24:48 Spicycaterpillar, GM Ray Robson vs Hikaru
26:56 Hikaru wins the second of many, many, many, many games
38:13 xamax2000, GM Max Warmerdam vs Hikaru
42:17 GM Alireza Firouzja vs Hikaru
43:07 Hikaru vs Chesser22, GM Kirill Shevchenko
45:21 Hikaru vs Fighterman91, GM Pouria Darini
50:36 Sparta299, GM Samuel Sevian vs Hikaru
54:30 wateenellende, IM Vincent Rothuis vs Hikaru
59:58 Hikaru vs GM Andrey Esipenko
1:04:21 Hikaru vs GM Eyesless18, Unknown GM
1:05:27 Hikaru vs Jepetto, GM Ian Nepomniachtchi
1:06:27 Chessweeb, GM Denes Boros vs Hikaru
1:08:08 IM Eric Rosen vs Hikaru
1:09:38 The delays in pairings start to happen
1:09:56 Hikaru vs SVODMEKO, GM Daniil Dubov
1:11:09 Another delay in pairings
1:11:47 FM Joshukid vs Hikaru
1:15:30 Where’s my next game?
1:18:00 Hikaru discusses 40k people watching his stream, and how it’s possible to continue this

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