How Bobby Fischer PUNISHES Bg4 Pins?

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Perhaps in every other game that you play, your opponents might try to pin your knight with their bishop by playing Bg4 or Bg5, which is their attempt to start an attack against you. And most players defend passively by placing their bishop behind their knight (Be2 or Be7) in order to unpin it. However, there are better ways to deal with such pins on your knights.

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches you how to deal with pins on your knights aggressively. You will learn to brutally punish this pin by looking at the games of Bobby Fischer, one of the most brutal and aggressive chess players. In fact, very seldom did Fischer defend passively with moves like Be2 or Be7.

So, how to punish your opponents for pinning your knight? What are the aggressive ways to counterattack your opponent? Watch this video lesson and learn!

► Chapters

00:00 How to handle Bg5/Bg4 pin on your knight?
00:10 Passively defending with your bishop Be7/Be2 
00:24 How Bobby Fischer Destroys Pins on Knights?
01:13 1) Countering the pin with h3
02:26 Preventing potential Nd4 threat
03:22 Aggressively punishing unsound attacks
06:30 Constantly playing aggressive moves
07:49 2) Dealing with the pin TACTICALLY
10:15 3) Exploiting the bishop’s absence on the other side
11:24 4) Targeting the weak squares (of the bishop’s color)
12:15 Quiz: How do you deal with this pin?

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